Giving CBD oil a try

Well I’m tired of living in pain and sleepless nights, I’m gonna try some cbd oil I can find in local vape shops, because oklahoma is stupid and that’s the best I can do at the moment . Maybe it’ll help or at least take the edge off. Anyone else use cbd oil for anything?

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myself no , but I have heard great things about them, I hope they help you @Hawkeye_diesel

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Maybe if you rub it in the back of your neck it will be more cerebral?

Thanks I got some in a vaporizer and some I let dissolve under my tongue, so we shall see. I’ll keep y’all posted

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Pictures to come after I eat haha

We use a cbd tincture but it has THC in it too.

Cbd oil should help with the pain. But I’m not sure it’s gonna help with PTSD or anything.

Interested to hear your thoughts @Hawkeye_diesel

I was aware that it probably wouldn’t help with the ptsd, but I’m wanting to try an help the pain. I can wait to get medicine for the ptsd when I head to the mountains in April to CO

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Sometimes I have a strong overwhelming urge to state the obvious. Lol

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I use CBD capsules 20mg Cannibidiol, 2 caps 4 times a day for chronic pain as a supplement to Tramadol (pain med) and Skelaxin (muscle relaxer) ... I found a high dose of the Cannibidiol worked with other meds to help relieve my pain.  Worth a try.
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It’s all good @bob31, and @Fin2222 I’m gonna keep y’all posted on my experience

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So far the vape has taken the edge off the pain. Haven’t tried the oil under the tongue though. Maybe here in a little

It’s a bit faster acting under the tongue than vaping. Which vape do you use?

Ill.posr some pictures in a minute haha. This stuff is kind of expensive though

Is it vape oil? What are the numbers on it?

I think you can buy cbd oil online too. Might be a little better price online somewhere.

Sorry I didn’t think about that sooner.

Is is 20mg cbd oil mixed with flavor. The vape I have is Istick 30w sub ohm.

Two flavors Grape Ape and Skittles

I also bought some CANNLIV cbd oil, to dissolve under my tongue

Both taste good

I haven’t tried the liquid vape I use a bud vape but If I found the right flavor…

The tincture/ drops are new to me too. They get the job done though.

Have u used that vape before or is that new to you?

So new to me. I wish I could have some thc mixed in, some day haha

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The tincture is a bit pricey but you get close to 900 single doses for around $75 the one we’ve got right now is like 20 cbd and 10 THC. It’s good medicine!

A little buzzy and pain vanishes!

I’m old school tho I’d rather smoke a bowl.

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On this bottle it says 10mg/ml

One or two drops under the tongue should help with any pain.

You can also put a drop or two on a piece of cookie too. It will take 60-90 minutes to work but will give you longer relief.