Oh no what’s wrong with my angel

Hey what’s going on with my bud. It’s only like this on one branch

Rest of them looks like the below

This is the whole plant I think she should be ready by October. What do you all think

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It could be bud rot or bug damage. Let tag a few more experienced growers. @dbrn32 @MattyBear @BobbyDigital @Covertgrower. if it is bud rot cut it out and spray with hydrogen peroxide.


I believe it’s bud rod. @oldmarine should be able 2 answer better


Remove it. Make sure you get it all. Spray down the remainder with peroxide and water (I don’t think you can use too much peroxide).

Break open the affected bud. You’re looking for an insect. Captain Jack’s Dead Bug spray is good all the way through harvest.


Yeah, that’s soggy bud rot. Do as the others suggested. Good looking out @Deepsix


Thank you.


I cut out no bugs. I sprayed a few days ago because some of the leaves looked like nibbles taken out

Can I still smoke this if so how should I dry

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Don’t smoke that! All mold and rot. Toss it. Try to salvage the rest of the plant and keep it as dry as you can until harvest


No do not smoke that!
It’s unfortunate to lose any bud :confused: but you do not ever want to smoke mold my freind.


Please throw it away and do not smoke it. Sucks I know, it’s happened to myself and prolly ever grower here at some point.


We never heard back and I’m actually slightly worried :worried:

I wouldn’t worry too much. Worst case it got saved to dry and won’t be smoked til it’s dry- I think @Hotstuffmom will come back to check on answers before smoking it and will see the resounding NO from the community.


Hi everyone the bad bud has been removed and put in compose. I can’t have some thing go wrong with this baby she is 7ft tall with lots of buds

You think I should be doing something else with her


Being outdoors there’s not really much that you can do that I can think of, other than covering with a tarp set up if you know there is rain coming

Obviously keep a very close eye out fore rot, and cut it out ASAP to keep from spreading


Covering her when it rains, without laying the cover directly on her, is about your only option there with a plant that big if she’s in ground. Maybe some stakes if wind is an issue.

Spray every few days with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice as pest maintenance. Mist, not soak, top and bottom of leaves, and if you have rodents, get a pellet gun lol. Or if you are a more humane type, sticky traps, small cages, rodent bait.

Get a small spray bottle, or pump sprayer with such a big plant and do a strong mix of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water and give a good spritzing for to kill any mold and bacteria.

I hate leaving big bits of advice because I’m new, just about to get my wings. Harvesting my first plant tomorrow. I can say pests and humidity are the two main outside concerns, though. I’ve nearly lost my plants from worms, rodents, stray cats, my own darn cats, mold and rot. Weather is usually somewhat predictable, but there is no forecast for bugs and other creepy crawlies.

And I was soooo glad to read you discarded the rotted flower!!! I hope some of this helps. Good luck and happy growing!!!

P.S. the outside growing experience has me saving up for a good indoor setup. Works for many, just don’t think it’s my flavor.


Well I hope I have a good crop since I have not been able to grow good in doors yet. Still learning

These are the last ones I have.

Uploading: 1C87F109-AD52-43CB-A906-89EAE67E7011.jpeg…
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Processing: 5828A7DB-61F1-4FC1-B858-448A6DD95BC7.jpeg…

This was harvested today by my son-in-law and daughter drying now


That’s awesome! You may want to give the photos a couple more seconds to upload before posting. Would definitely love to see what didn’t post!!

Here’s one


Looking good the ones in the plate you might want to put on a drying rack like you use for cooking to get air all around them.

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