Does this look okay

First time outdoor grow in Virginia, because of rain and humidity here I probable cut this one about two weeks early, pictures are after drying and pretty much everything looks like this. (the yellowish color on the top on the 2nd picture is the lenses not the plant)

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I like this shot of it better. It is what it is. Sucks you had to do an early harvest. How’s she smoke?

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I’m planning on using it for eatables, but I’ve read too much on bud rot and want to make 100% sure i don’t have it.

I don’t see a problem. Without seeing all of the bud, I can only tell you what to look for to spot rot or insects.

Is it mushy? Rot.

Discolored? Rot or insect.

Pick out any brown areas.

Next harvest, wash your bud. It’s too late now, but wash it once and you’ll always wash it. Especially outdoor grows.

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I have two more outside, over 6’ tall, trichomes are mostly cloudy, we had rain yesterday and it cleared up but overnight we had a heavy downpour, i probably need to take those two.

Please explain the wash process,


Washing the Contaminants Off of Hemp - YouTube

When that happens, get out early (like as soon as the storm passes if possible) and shake the water off the plants. Give them regular treatment with peroxide and water. (about 50/50 mix) Also get some Captain Jack’s Dead Bug spray or concentrate. I don’t believe you can overdo either of these treatments. I spray my outdoor plants regularly and haven’t killed them yet.