HELP! First Grow - Is This Bud Rot?

This is my first attempt at growing, & I’m really not sure whether this is bud rot. At first I thought it was the normal dying-off that I’ve read is a sign of readiness for harvest, but it looked a little too unhealthy. After second guessing myself several times, I trimmed a few of the buds that looked like this. I want to make sure I don’t harvest a healthy, immature plant or wait too long to try to salvage the rest.

The strain is White Widow autoflower. The plant was a runt but matured earlier than my other plants & flowered heartily, & it smells fantastic.

I wont say for sure but sure look it to me. @Covertgrower @Dennis62 @Cannabian u guys would know better

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Is the whole plant like that or just that bud?? @Jezebel


It just suddenly popped up & appears to be spreading. I was thinking I’d just harvest the rest, since it was pretty close to being ready. For the ones with some rot & some healthy, can I just cut out the moldy parts & salvage the rest, or is the whole bud lost?

It’s individual buds, but it seems to be spreading from the bottom up. The stalk looks healthy. There were some leaves that have had some discoloration, but the plant didn’t seem unhealthy

I wouldnt even know what to tell u beside if it has rot i myself wouldnt smoke any of that bud. Might give ya respiratory problems lol.

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Yeah. I’m so heartbroken!

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Sorry guys i also have no idea. No experience with this… good luck

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I’m sorry to inform you of the bud rot. Cut it out, hose the rest with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

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What if I already panicked & harvested? Most of the plant was close to ready anyway, so I carefully removed & segregated the bad buds, cleaning the scissors with alcohol after each cluster. Is it ok to keep & use the rest?

I would give the rest a hydrogen peroxide bath, just in case.


Thanks everyone for the advice & guidance!

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Yep thats bud rot. @Covertgrower has the right idea about possibly saving some of that plant. That said, what is really needed is to determine what is causing it. In most cases its environmental, too much humidity, too cold or too warm. Possibly exposed to pests such as caterpillars or budworm?
While saving the plant may seem the best option, knowing what caused it and preventing it is even better. The entire area will require sterilization too if this is indoor.