Bud rot? Time to Harvest before it spreads?

Brown spots on a few buds on 3 of 8 plants. First time growing, is this what bud rot looks like? If so I’m thinking of harvesting now. Looks like all cloudy trichomes but no amber that I can see.

Any advice on the rot or if you would harvest now based on the pics?

White Widow Auto. Into week 10 since seedling.



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Yes. That’s it for sure.

Doesn’t look quite ready yet from ur pics.
Another 2-3 weeks just guessing.
It’s a Hard call to make.
You can spray with a 50/50 mix of peroxide and water after the rot removal. . Will kill any stray spores that got loose.
Cut a little below the rot and try not to disturb it when you do.

I Just took a piece from one of mine this afternoon and only 3 ish weeks in flower.
I cut mine out and I’ll run it as long as I can.
If I start losing more than I’m gaining I’ll chop regardless of the trics.
You’ll need daily inspections for it now till harvest. It spreads very quickly.

Good luck with this. :pray:


Thanks oldguy. Just a little bummed. Came all this way and week or so before harvest, rot is coming in. I guess that’s the risk of growing outside instead of controlled environments inside. It’s been pretty damn humid here the last 3 weeks.


Humidity here is running 86 % right now. And rain on the way for tomorrow all day.

Just as an afterthought.
If you can put a fan on them after spraying it will help dry up any excess moisture remaining in the buds.



Cut that part out or cut that top off and toss. She’ll be ok, but lower tent humidity substantially and increase airflow. 45% humidity would be great.

Didn’t realize that you were outside, sorry. How are you that far into flower outdoors right now!? Anyways cut the flower with mold off and look up the ratio of 3% H2O2 to water and spray them early morning. Hydrogen peroxide is amazing and will kill mold spores and PM.


They are autoflowers so that is why they are already flowering. Thanks for the advice!

Definitely cut the brown out plus a little extra to take contamination away. Then it’s the hard call of cutting what you got and drying it before more grows or hope you got it all and let it ride a bit longer.

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