Is this Almost ready?

ilgm white widow af.

Is it almost ready?

Can someone post pictures of what ready trichomes look like please?


Here’s a chart but you’ll need a jewlers loupe to really see them. 40 - 60 x magnification or better.

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Do I see Budrot?? I zoomed in and it kind of looks like you may have some bud rot going on or maybe just the lighting but maybe someone else see’s what I see? :face_with_monocle:
P.S. I am not wishing this by no means but just see some funny coloring on that bud if you zoom in.

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This one ? It Does look like it warrants a closer inspection.


Yes and at the 10 oclock right outside your red circle. @Oldguy

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@GreenFlex I see the spot you mean.
Was wondering if it wasn’t a deficiency during the grow that’s shown up now too. :thinking:

Edit. Still warrants a closer inspection to be sure.

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Yeah I am NO Expert and have never had it but if were being honest I think I see it in several different spots on that bud but than again could be what your talking about because I would not know like you would Brother! edit: I would feel wrong for not speaking about it though because I wouldn’t want anyone smoking that @Oldguy @TheScot

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Been there on both counts brother. :man_facepalming:
Bud rot will usually leave a discoloured leaf that’s limp and pulls out of the bud very easily.
And it can hit any time in flower if humidity and air flow are not maintained.


Bit of reference just in case.

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See I see ALOT of areas with the same bud rot color like in your picture just seems harder to spot because that nug has some pretty colors…the only one that can know for sure is @TheScot ! :ok_hand: :v:

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Thank you. This is my first grow. It’s not climate controlled so I would not be surprised.

I had trouble with yellow leaves too. Thought they were locked out but I suspect they got too cold.

I guess I’ll let them grow, look at the trichomes for experience, then trash them.

BTW, what causes bud rot? A fungus? Too little air circulation?


This doesn’t help.

This really doesn’t help airflow is super important and not just flow but air exchange!
I will let Oldguy take it from here! Good Luck and do yourself a favor…NO SMOKEY lol

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Personally I’d check that bud closely on the inside first before I trashed anything.
And if it is a bit of rot you don’t have to toss the whole plant. Just cut out the affected parts.
Doing a bud wash at harvest would be recommended too if it proves to be mold.
Mold will be a fuzzy gray tan colour although it could be whitish as well.
But have a look as soon as you can to make sure wether it is or not. And we can take it from there. :wink:

Photos of the area of the spot

Leaves do not pull out of buds on any of the 3 plants

If it is mold, be very careful as spores will spread everywhere!

Plan for the worst, hope for the best!

You will have to clean your grow space thoroughly as well.

Hope it is only deficiency or lighting.

Best of luck.

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