Oh No, I Got Mold

I guess it was bound to happen…I live the a humid and hot location in the southern US. This is my third grow but the first with mold.
Inside of the tent it was 97 degrees and 84% rh. This was my first attempt at a Summer grow, and you can bet it will be my last.
First grow was in October to Jan. I immediately followed up again from Jan to May. Both grows went fine. The third one it got hot and humid.
I have a dehumidifier but it went kaput and it took me a few days to get another. The tent is in the back of the house on the porch. I cannot put it in the house.
This was an autoflower, Purple Punch in soil. The whole grow it was pretty small compared to the other two grows I did. I barely got 4 oz. from it after drying and cleaning.
Three of the large buds had the mold. Is it OK to use the rest of the buds? I have inspected them all and three were pretty bad.

The next grow will start late October.


in a tent outside on your porch in heat is never going to be a good setup as you are finding…no mold is good for you and it affects everyone differently… I personally have at one time or another smoked some bud that may have been exposed to mold/rot…no noticeable mold but like you other buds had noticeable mold… the spores go everywhere and are undetectable with your eyes…so there you have my 2 cents…good luck


Live to smoke and grow another day.


:point_up: FACTS!!! @HobbyDobby :100::fire: advice… Don’t let a $5 blud turn into a $10,000 hospital visit.


You might consider doing a bud wash to be safe. I had a few buds with start of mold and I washed all from that plant. 1 cup of peroxide to 5 gallons of water and a plain bucket or 2 of water. Dunk and swish around in both buckets and hang to dry.

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Yeah, the unaffected buds around it are fine to use for smoking as long as you’re sure they’re clean.

I had that happen to me last year, and I water cured the few buds that had mold. They came out clean, with no mold visible at all, but I was still too scared to smoke it. I gave it to a friend who has no fear, and he said it was fine. A little lacking in smell and taste from the water curing, but it worked fine and was still strong.

Thanks. I will get rid of the remainder… :anguished:

shit cant be too fussy ,
I’d smoke it :dash::dash::dash::grin:


Damn I do a 3 part wash 3 5 gallon buckets first dip is baking soda 3/4 cup and lemon juice 3/4 cup to the bucket of hot water. Second bucket is 5 gallons water and 2 bottles of hydrogen peroxide third is plain ole water. I’d do a bud wash on every grow as there is always dust or dirt and bugs flying everywhere always so a wash won’t hurt at all even for the cleanest of growers lol. I’ve experienced bud rot 1 time and I believe it’s because the bud was so close to the light pa el or cooked the. I’d from inside out. Lol.

How much mold you think gets cut out of cannabis grown on massive commercial farms lol?!? I shutter to think about that honestly. It’s a major reason why i grow my own.

Man I’d be careful smoking anythng near that affected section. As someone said above…live to smoke another day! It’s a bummer but something every single one of us growers deals with on the reg…the lack of a guarantee makes the successful harvest that much sweeter!


I can’t agree more I don’t want a headache to turn into heartache