OG Kush autos looking odd

From a fellow grower: have a genetic mutation of one of my OG Kush autos I recently purchased… Attached you will find the photos of the genetic freak and it’s sister both started at the same time. Running the Mars hydro 600 ×2, in a 4’×4’×5’, RH 78, 80°f, PH 6.5 foxfarm ocean forest …NO added nutes…16/8 schedule.

Bring the RH down and appears you are getting water on the leaves as well. Both these things might have something to do with the issues you’re having. I’d let her grow alittle and see how she does.

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This happens sometimes it will grow out of it ,it has nothing to do with ur rh i have my rh at 70-80% at that stage .what is happening has to do with genetics