Odor control advice needed

I have a 2 x 2 x 5 tent with two flowering plants in it. I have a small fan inside the tent or circulation, and a small carbon air purifier (its new).

The purifier says it has the capacity to clear odor from 250 square feet, but it’s hardly making a dent in the skunk odor from my plants.

What are some options that others use? I’m on a budget, I need an option under $100 if possible

Thanks !

Vent tech makes a 4 inch exhaust with a carbon filter and variable speed control for under a 100 on amazon it works great on my 4x4 tent

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I’ve had very bad experience with Ven-Tec. Fan blew up after 3 weeks. I would never trust that brand again… just my opinion/experience. Are you using a high velocity fan with a carbon filter or is it a free standing filter?

I buy the room deodorizer discs and put them at the end of my high velocity exhaust tube. Lilac. Usually does the trick. Gotta change it every 3 weeks. Works for me… might work for you too! :+1::beer:

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I’m using ipower 4in duct, fan with filter $110 on Amazon. . . Can’t smell outside of tent but catch a sample when first open, mine have just started smelling though. . . 3x3x6 thanks to@bob31 for reminding me I have a speed controller also, around 125.00 for all. . .

Are you pulling your air threw the scrubber from the fan ? I swap mines around and no smell but it’s what I did due to this is like my fourth grow on the same scrubber .

@Sl1 The only option that really works is an exhaust fan and a carbon filter. You have some good options already listed. Make sure if you buy a vent fan that it has a speed controller or add one on


Those free standing carbon air purifiers aren’t designed with growing of MJ in mind they are designed for cooking smells and normal house hold smells which wouldn’t be a constant
You really should invest in a inline exhaust fan with carbon filter set up to control your order
A four inch filter with a inline fan that moves 100
Cfm would be more than enough for your tent size
You can get a nice set up off Amazon for less then 150$


Thanks Guys. I do just have a free standing air purifier. Hubby is worried that any smell could invite a visit from local authorities to determine if I have the legal # of plants (I’m well below with 2 flowering and 2 vegging)…but we’d rather avoid that, so I will take the advice here and get a complete system.

This fits my budget, is 190 com, has a controller, and is well reviewed

Ona products work great for odor control outside your tent. You should be able to find them at your local hydroponic/grow store, amazon, ebay etc.

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looks like a winner @Sl1

You’re just going to need at least 8 feet of 4 inch dryer ducting (hone depot, lowes, local hardware store…) depends on how you are going to use it. You will see better when it is delivered…


That’s perfect @Sl1 will work out great and speed controller will help you balance temp and humidity
And well worth the investment IMO

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@Stonetothebone still not smelling anything? I’m currently about to buy the same one you have. Just curious is your filter in or out of tent and where do you have your duct blowing the air out to?