Odd Situation: Heavy planter but no true signs of drowning

If you look at my previous thread, i had a weird start to my second grow and have one plant that was not an auto but started flowering during Veg.

The freak accident of my one plant starting flowering before veg seems to be holding strong. Just flipped to flowering a few days ago so I am going to seem if it stays good.

The only issue i am running into is: the plant that flowered early has all of a sudden started to hold water. It never was doing that but over the past 3 weeks, when I go to water them, the plant that has buds is still heavy as if it is holding water where the other plant is as it should be.

There are no other signs of the plant being water logged/drowning: no peats, no wilting leavings, nothing.

Any suggestions on how I can fix it?

I have already redrilled my planted 15x and humidity is relatively normal as I follow the VPD chart. Both plants have the same routine, nutes and same soil.

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Just throwing this out there if it flowered on 18/6 before flip she’s an auto from a seed mix up.


I’ve experienced something similar but I don’t refer to it as

For me it seems when my plants get to a certain point in flower they simply stop drinking as much. My waterings are sort of based on a schedule but ultimately I don’t water unless the pots are light and dry feeling. Your situation sounds similar. Don’t force it, you’re at the end. Just give her what she’s asking for and nothing more.


She’s towards the end. That’s the very first sign :+1:


If the pot is still heavy or just not all the way dry I will skip it or just top it off as I try and water every other day. Letting it go dry for the next watering. This thread is kind perfect because I have an auto that’s approaching the end of its time and recently the pot has been heavy when I go to water. I did NOT know that, that was a sign of it winding down on its own! Thank you :pray:t4: @Bluntsmoke @Fieldofdreams


Big plant looks like it has a magnesium deficiency

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Got some CAL MAG ready for next feed.

Any suggestions on how to flush a plant that isnt taking any water?

You don’t. If you keep her wet for an extended period of time and rot will follow.

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