...O.G., DWC & Me

two O.G. Kush fem started in rock wool, going into 5 gal. DWC soon, my first indoor grow, first DWC…

I have them under a 24 watt LED, 12 inches from the bulb, 24/0.
I got the dome from a super market, they use them for packaging for their store made cakes.
I have a root tip sticking out from the rock wool, gonna put some hydrostone and water on the plate and balance the rock wool on it for a few days.<img src=“//cdck-file-uploads-global.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/growingmarijuana/original/2X/7/7eb20f83ac466993bbbed13f748c777f6874c537.JPG” width=“666”

I kept an extra soaked rock wool under the dome for added humidity

good times ahead…I will keep it simple BUT I will want to move the light closer, add more than the recommended fertilizer, do whatever I can to either make the plant stronger…or kill it. Gotta fight the urge.


wrap outside of rockwool in foil leave bottom and top open you want your roots to come out the bottom before you move to dwc, try putting some rinsed leca down on your tray under the rockwool 1/2" or so.
Be patient if unless you have a drip ring, You are better off trying to get as many roots going prior to putting it in your basket so your plant is getting roots into the water faster without having to raise water lvl too much ;).
Are you planning on using RO water have you tested your water yet?

I’ll be using well water…tested at 6.8 pH, 78 ppm…no drip ring.
Robert’s nutes and Advanced Nutrients Grow and Bloom and Humboldts Secret Golden Tree
I have pH up and down

I think that is it, for now


off to good start. good luck!!

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You are going to love the results from the choices of nutrients my friend . I just did a blueberry the same way . Roberts grow nutrient with B-52 and Than switched in flower to sensi bloom a & b with the whole grandmaster level until week 4 and added humbolt golden tree , yield 4.5 ounces from one plant with 2 led panels , one Advance Led and a China brand 400 .

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@kabongster Good choice on nutes! I run General Hydroponics 3 part in my DWC and Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco A+B in my coco. For additives I only use Liquid Koolbloom week 2 - 4 of flower and Dry Koolbloom 4 and 5 of flower.
Going to try Canna Terra soil with Canna Terra and Canna Flores for my autoflowers here soon in preparation for spring outdoor grow.

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I have vegetative growth, I have root growth, no damping off, it seems I have two OG Kush fem started.

buckets, net pots, hydroton, all cleaned…light, humidifier, fans plugged in on timers…tent tested…nutes and other chemicals assembled…meters, I need a back up for my pH meter just in case it malfunctions.

Okay, I am impatient…
These babies are going in their net pots tomorrow…DWC, here I come

It is done…
After reading and planning for half a year…after building and testing the tent for a month…after ordering and waiting 2 weeks for seeds…after them taking 4 days to germinate…

I pH’ed (twice) the water yesterday, there was a little creep so I added more today…approx. 79 drops pH down.
Water temp…69F
Water ppm…81
day time temp…77F-81F
night time temp…66F cause I bought

I have it set up outside the tent, blowing in, set on a timer to come on when the lights go out.

I like a 12F difference more than the 20F I had before the night heater…as soon as I heard that 61F at night slows growth, I knew I had to get this and it works for me, so 66F at night. I had outdoor plants and didn’t worry till the temps dropped below 40F, what a difference.

The net pots are sitting in approx. 1/4 to 1/2 inch of plain water, the rock wool is not in the water. I left the wool exposed at the surface…dry rock wool, dry stem, plus the plants are not leggy.
lousy photo of one…

If I play with my plants too much, will I go blind?

Edit: 400 watt mh @ 16 inch to glass, bulb an inch plus further


If you don’t where sunglasses while doing it yes :slight_smile:

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What size is your grow tent? Just wondering


Awesome! They always look smaller in the pictures, that’s why I ask

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I assembled the tent from a roll of mylar and waterproof/lightproof tarps.
I read my light choice, 600 watt hps, work best 39"x39" up to 48"x48".
I want to be able to reach the back of the tent without walking into it. So, 40".
I figured 48" was the max, so I cut that down a little. So, 44".

I am in training, my first indoor grow. When I am comfortable, I will train 2 or 3 plants to keep me happy. My wife doesn’t use the stuff, I smoke alone, this set up should work.

I also plan an outdoor grow with auto ww starting in May.

Then, I think I need to try some Gold Leaf.


My babies have survived their first night in the tent. No drooping, no yellowing, no browning.
I have ordered
so I can stand and stare at them.

I planned on going a week then change the buckets of water, clean the humidifier

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lol I am a roofer so used to bright light in my eyes all day but sunglasses are a very wise investment they will help you see true colours and save you the headaches I get from light reflected back in my face all summer lmao. I where sunglasses most of the time but since I specialize in torch-on roof systems they tend to steam up and get taken off within a few hours

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Second set of leaves are growing…not much, but I do see a difference from yesterday.
I checked for roots, nothing showing.
Water temp 19C
pH 5.9

the net pot is sitting in 1/3" water…I plan on lowering the water to the bottom of the net pot in a few days on faith the roots are growing.

I had to share a photo of the beginnings of my collection of stuff, my Command Center.


My command center :slightly_smiling:


lol looks more like an alter :slight_smile:


I think of the stuff as our religion…the maleficent god “Damp Off”…the mischievous one, our version of Loki, the pH meter…no one all powerful deity, just alotta pretenders to the throne.