Gold Leaf started

I need garrigan’s or niala’s dancing emoji to put right here, this will have to do :tada::raised_hands::fireworks:

first, my need for one pill I was taking 5 daily of just last week is down to four daily, a 20% decrease, and I’m thinking of dropping to three.

then the weights…
my last indoor grow, my first, was DWC and I did, imo, great with two plants getting 12 oz. It was a bunch of errors. It’s all here

Next I tried outside with a grow tent and learned more than I harvested.

Then I went through the grow with Pro Mix plus mycos, this grow and harvest.

The first harvest last year, 12oz x 28gm/oz = 336 gms/600 watts hps
This harvest, 22.4oz x 28 = 627gms/600 watts hps

My math could be as shaky for me as fuzzy for you?
I nearly doubled the weight…it pays to hang out here, read and ask questions

by the way, thank you :blush: