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fell outa my chair lmao …


an update…I have a root, one root, coming out the net pot of my firstborn.
the water is just touching the net pot…I want a gap eventually of 1/2" or so…gap it now or let it develop more?
on this girl

2 sets of real leaves, a nubbin of a third…I’ll change the water at a week,
still plain pH’ed water, steady at 19C temp and 5.9 pH, air temp 75F-81F days, 66F nights, rh 45%-65% days to a low of 34% nights

I used to feel like a pervert, always checking under the net pot on my girls, like up skirting, net pot porn

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let it develop more before adding gap you want several roots deep into the water to insure it isn’t going to dry out on you but you are on the right track :slight_smile:

I forgot to ask…the light, mh at 400 watts, 17ish inches…when can I start closing that gap?

Add about 2 tsp of h2o2 (peroxide) to your water it will add extra oxygen which will help with root development do you know your ppm? I personally would add just 2ml micro and bloom or 5ml LK if using RO water would bring your ppm to around 100 and so light a feeding risk of burn is almost nil in hydro even on that small a seedling. Thing to keep in mind unlike soil there is nothing for plant to eat in water so adding even couple drops of nutrients is helpful not saying add lots but very little

ppm 80ish, well water

you have Liquid Karma or golden tree? if so add 5 ml of one or other and omit peroxide

phew, was omw to h2o2, I do have golden tree

and you know I wanna fertilize or add something!!!

H2o2 is a good additive but will consume bacteria which is in both lk and golden tree but mainly they will say humic and fulvic acid both very good for roots

check ppm after adding and write everything down so you know 5mls of this adds this etc… your light isn’t too far or your plant would be stretching for it your humidity is pretty low though try putting a bell or cut clear 2l pop bottle over your seedling

if I leave the tent closed, rh goes to 60%+, I was looking a long time, the water vapor escaped!, I will maintain 65%ish

all this time to find “1 teaspoon is about 5ml (actually 4.928 ml, but we can say 5ml)”

lol I use syringes and only occasionally think to say tsp since some additives are measured in tsp on bottle lmao in hydro easier to work with mls so you can say 1ml of ABC equals ppm D and if you have a goal ppm and know the value change of A per ml B and C you know what you can play with to hit your goal :wink:

first off, golden tree stinks…I will get a carbon filter for that!!

ppm went from 80 to 103 after bubbling 5 minutes

and they are now humidity domed

lol reason I like LK and Rapid Start they both smell like iced tea

Why do you use LK or rapid start? When I was in my hydro store I had asked the owner about getting some, and he said not to bother with it. So I’m wondering why you guys use it, but a store owner would say I didn’t need it. I figured he would have tried to sell me everything he could, but he said my fox farm nutes are good and have everything I need, other than cal mag that I bought separately. But curious about this “LK” stuff and what it does, why you use it?

Those are root/growth supplements, not required.

Maybe your shop owner had a bad experience?
We all know, ask 5 people how to do something with marijuana, you might get 5 different answers.

As to Humboldt’s Golden Tree…the pH went up, 5.9 to 6.4…is that to be expected?

Should I have Cal-Mag for potential problems? I always see it posted.

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On the cal mag topic, my hydro store owner said its the one thing that basically all nutrient companies LACK in their own nutrient formulas. And I’ve seen it on so many other threads, so I asked him about it and that was his explanation for why I should use it. I just add a tsp per gallon to all my nutrient mixes now.

you simply readjust your ph any nutrients added will swing ph either up or down so yes to be expected :slight_smile: @ktreez420 fulvic acid and humic acid aide in root growth and plant recovery and many hydro shops may not have a botanicare line Liquid Karma is cheaper than many of it’s competitors Rapid roots cost me $45 for 275ml tin LK was 25 for 500ml both arm in essence same product. As well many shops make more in mark up on one suppliers line by selling bulk of their products so if they sell very little of one line they don’t get it as cheaply and don’t have wiggle room to make extra on it. These are additives and not product line you only use them few times during a grow and a bottle can last you months or several grows not exactly money makers for any business

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