O Crap! What now... HELP Please

Has any one else received one of these letters instead of your seeds. Me and the wife are getting worried. .

there needs to be an unlike button on here… seems like customs have grabbed your seeds :frowning:

ironic in the uk its legal to transport and mail and possess seeds… yet illegal to grow it…
yet stateside its legal to grow it yet illegal to bring in seeds go figure

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Yeah that’s what happened.
I was wounding if this has happened to anyone else, and if so should I be relocating my girls or what? I’m starting to stress.

I’m the wrong one to ask there… that would depend on state laws I guess… here would be a simple seizure sign a forfeit of goods post it back then have stuff posted elsewhere for a while for safe measures

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I’m going to get admin in on this hold on. Ok



Thanks @garrigan62

When did you place your order? (I’m just curious because I placed an order recently and you got me all nervous now too lol)


I am sorry the boogeyman got your beans.

Here is the link to getting your order replaced.


please conduct all further communication through the reply email they will send you. Besdt way for all to keep up. :slight_smile:
Peace, lw - ILGMadmin


Placed in early February
And I’m not sure if its my strawberry kush or girl scout cookies extreme, did my other order get caught too.
Man I’m going crazy :fearful:

Thanks @latewood

No matter if you live in a legal state or not , never have your seeds shipped to a place where you’re growing… just not a very good idea… I don’t even have growing equipment sent to the place that I use to grow and I’m 100% legal as far as local codes and bylaws… :wink:
hope everything turns out good for you my fellow cultivator…