I suppose I will be ready for another round of lite de-foliation soon…? Thoughts on this?

PH- 6.28


Starting to run a little low on your pH went off 6.28 is a little low in my opinion. When your next feed I would pH my water to 6.7 trying to bring that pH one off till about 6.4 or 6.5

Plant number one running off 1550 PPM the little high so you might want to cut their feedback about 100 ppms from what you fed her last time.

Plant number two you should feed it at the same amount you fed it last time. That should bring your PPM down to 1000

Plants are looking good

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Here is a chart for VPD. Hope it helps.

and this is the one I extracted the more specific info for how I grow. This one has not been modified.

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Ok Thank you! So yeah the sweet spot now is the 1.3-1.4. Got it.

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Today’s run off numbers.
Only gave PH’d water. They both took 1 gal each to achieve 15% run off. They smell Sooooo GOOD!

Ph 6.36
Ppm 1130
Cm 2270

Ph 6.56
Ppm 800
Cm 1602

Your looking good!

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They Needed more water today, feed 6.5 H2O to 15% run off.


Girls are looking spectacular bro

Very good you’re at your 1000 PPM +/- 150 Target.

Give them some food/nutrients on your next watering. Give them about 650ppm total feed (including water) and see where that puts your run off.

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Todays feed run off numbers. I did feed them 650ppm in nutrients, here is the 15% run off numbers.

P1= Darker smaller plant ( my suspicion is this one is Pineapple express???)

P2=More yellow and taller ( crap shoot either blueberry, fat bastard, or bubblegum sherbet???

Uploading: IMG_1532.jpeg…

Uploading: IMG_1534.jpeg…

Please tell me that is not a bananner ???

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It doesn’t look like a nanner to me. You might want to do a post on its own thread and get some other opinions just to be sure

Numbers are absolutely fantastic. Good job. On your next feed the same but increase the ppms by 50. So if you fed at 650 PPM next feed 700 PPM

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Looks like a swollen calyx Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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Whew, you get an award for the longest post! Get then ppms down an she will be ok.

Thought I would share my accident…This plant was, beat up kicked, dropped, over exposed, under exposed, over watered, underwater , you get it. So I flipped it as a youngin. I would say for not monitoring anything it looks pretty good. I wish there was an app where we could scan the flower and it would give us the strain I would really like to know what this is? Any guesses? I only had 2 Blueberry 1 Pineapple Express and 1 Fatbastard seeds to start and of course I mixed up the labels…….lol……One of them Hermed (destroyed a long time ago) two are in the tent above and then this dude….Any guesses as to which strains are which???

Todays run off numbers today is day one of week 5 in flower.

Ph 6.57
Ppm 850

Ph 6.42
Ppm 1170

6/16-Feed Nutritional breakfast- Run Off’s
P1 ph-6.14 ppm-1290 cm-2590
P2-ph-6.17 ppm 1110 cm-2330

6/19- Feed water 6.71 PH 0 ppm 0 cm Run Offs

P1-ph-6.30 ppm 900 cm 1817
P2-ph-6.32 ppm-775 cm 1551

@Lostgirl how they looking to you?

On 6/16 you fed your girls below is your runoff
P1 ph-6.14 ppm-1290 cm-2590
P2-ph-6.17 ppm 1110 cm-2330

These numbers are good

Then on 6/19 it looks as if you decided to give them just plain water. I personally wouldn’t have done that.

Let’s say you feed your girls at total of 600 PPM this morning and your runoff was 1,000 PPM I would feed them 50 PPM more and try to keep a thousand PPM runoff

Let’s say you fed plant number two 600 PPM and your runoff was 1200 you don’t water them the next time with just H2O to get your ppms down you simply drop your feed number by about 50 to 100 ppms. On the next feed.

One of your girls are a very lime green looking. Tell me exactly what you fed her on the last feed. Nutrients and your total feed number?

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