Nutrients or not for soil

I’ve just gone back to soil, as didn’t wont to lose the girls, as need to learn more about hydro growing ,so my question is can I still water them with the hydro nutrients, as the soil has slow release fertilizer in it, and not sure if it will over do it.

a couple of the girls

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Hello @Coltfire.

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I’m I soil growing guy myself. I don’t see why not. Just go easy with it as to let the plants use to the nutrients. I always start them with less then 50% and add a little each feeding time.
Hope this helps.

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With them coming out of hydro solution I was just going to use what was left in the res then go back to what I know for now. Not giving up on hydro just going to learn more using veggies for this season.

That’s all good my friend. If ya need any more help. Just ask…OK