Nutrients Northern Lights?

Hey so this is my first grow I’m at about day 10 I was wondering when should I add veg nutrients up until now I really just been using a spray bottle with ph 6.2 6.4 also how often do you all give your plants nutrients ? And do you add water once the soil gets dry lastly when do you implement low stress training??

Depends on what you are using for soil. Most good cannabis soils need no nutrients added for 4 to 6 weeks from the last transplant.

What soil are you using (brand and type)?

Cannabis needs wet/dry cycles. Water, let the soil dry out, then water again.

You will need a PPM meter. Maintain a runoff (water captured from the bottom of the pot) PPM of ~1,000.

Others have different opinions, but the only training I do is trim as necessary to maintain good airflow within the plant once it starts getting thick.

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I’m using 50/50 Coco Perlite mix

Coco needs to be fed and water every day. Mix up some nutrients and Ph it at 5.8. I would say give her 5 or 6 ounces every day to start. Water in a circle away from the stem.

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