Nutrients and Soil question

Question I have is about the Flower Power nutrients that ILGM has on their site. I have used Fox Farm Ocean Soil. I know the Soil is very hot…

Will this Soil be too hot to use these nutrients as per the schedule listed on the website???


Hopefully someone that’s using them will have some good info for you.

How old are the plants? How long do you plan on vegging them for? And do you plan on transplanting them?

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Seedlings now…week from seeds, third set of leaves are just starting. I just transplanted them into 4 x 4 pots. Soil I’m in now is vermasoil… after a few weeks I will be putting them in 12 x 12 pots (5 gallon)
I plan on a 5 to 6 week veg…

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Oh my bad, thought you were in ocean forest. I’m not familiar with that soil sorry.

I’m in Vermasoil now, but will be transplanted to Fox Farm Ocean and want to know if I will have issues when I do

Fox Farms recommends adding liquid fertilizers in the second week. However, I burnt the tips doing this. I would wait at least a few weeks before feeding according to the schedule, and I would start out with a light feeding, maybe half or even 1/4 of the recommended dose. Then just pay attention to how they react and adjust accordingly.


Your plants won’t need anything for 6 weeks in FFOF based on my experience. Fertilizing with anything risks nute burn. So why not wait until the plants can really use it? PH your water and your plants will be happy!