Nutrients 15-30-15

I’ve been reading where for nutrients
Or so call fertilizer for plants should
Be around 15-30-15. Should you be trying
To hold this all the way threw budding?
Or does it change while in the bud stage ?
Also when purchasing the nutrients,
Should you be looking for one that would
Have the N-P-K of 15-30-15?
Does anyone have a recommendation
On what nutrients to use from start
To finish?
Amy help would be appreciated

In general seedlings need zero or very very little nutrients as not to harm their delicate developing roots. Higher phosphorous, the ‘P’ of the NPK, is good for blooming/flowering/fruiting. 15-30-15 might be used during part of the flowering/budding period but it is not optimal for the entire grow or lifecycle of the plant and might be a little high in concentration overall. Phosphorous is also good for developing roots, but never at this high of a ratio for seedlings or very small developing plants.

In general you need more nitrogen during the first part of the plant’s lifecycle for the vegetative growth prior to flowering/budding, maybe say 8-7-7 would be better at this time. And then maybe more of a 4-8-7 during blooming/budding.

Of course you could just try our marijuana booster and take all the guess work out of the equation.

I agree MacG. “P” is for root develomen; Especially in late veg, transition, early bloom. 1st week only. I would only use this for the transition phase of a grow. Too much “P” for late flower. After dropping “P” levels; One must induce higher leve;s of “K” (Potassium) This is what sweetens and ripens the buds to a gooey stage. :slight_smile:

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For NPK is 7-5-17 ok for flowering