Found this about nutrients in an article. Npk, is it bull?

The graph states that during flowering stage potassium is more important than phosphorus. I always thought it was the other way around.

Is the article bull??

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Phosphorus or PK booster is giving at the start of pre flowering and potassium which is the last of the nutrients the plant will use is giving mainly in the last two weeks of flowering :v:. @amosmoses

And @amosmoses mate potassium is very important during the flowering period for sure bud.


And vegetative? As it says?

I have a 2-1-2 to use, and wondering if it would be good

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Yes it should do fine, You would also be suprised to find out, a lot of bloom enhancers just use Epsom Salts in there nutrients. Magnesium Sulfate is a bud fattener i was reading. But as long as you’re giving a well rounded nutrient, You can actually feed that throughout the plants whole life, From start to finish.


So 10-10-10 would be fine?

I have two plants outdoors in suboptimal soil-organic at least :slight_smile:

It should do just fine, a lot of.people I’ve talked to love Jack’s classic, which is a dry fert of 20-20-20 and they absolutely love it. So depending on how you use it, you shouldnt have any problems.


ever use dehydrated cow manure?

I have a bag of it. called moo plus

see link: MOO PLUS® Dehydrated Cow Manure

im thinking of adding this in with wood mulch. will that be too strong??

plants are outdoor and in poor soil

I havent, I’ll check it out though


see chart