Flowering fertilizer formula

A question from a fellow grower:

What’s the best fertilizer formula for flowering I’m using miracle grow bloom buster 15-30-15

That’s a good, simple fertilizer. Any photos to upload and look at?

How complicated do you want to make it?

There are major brand “bloom” or flower nutrients…but many end up getting supplemented because they are targeted and may need additives.

You’d end up with pH meters, ppm/td/ec meters, balancing solutions, lack of sleep…and if it’s the first time using them, you may not see a big increase in buds.

It’s a learning experience…start with your next grow?

Just a thing to ponder high nitrogen during flower has been a theory to increased plant stretch and flowering time, outdoor growers tend to like MG though so can’t be all bad

After second week of flower you want to lower nitrogen to about 1% and start increasing your phosphorus and potassium by 5% into week 3 of flower until week 5 , by doing this in gradual stages your plant will thrive vigorously .