Nutrient question for 2week old sprout

emphasized textmy grow is about 10 days from popping through the soil. I have it in a 3 inch pot in Burpee Organic seed starting mix. It is 0.06-0.03-0.03.
When it’s ready to go in the larger pot, it will have Fort Vee compost based potting soil.
My question is: should I start my Fox Farms regimen of Grow Big and Big Bloom? When and how much? I’m still spritzing twice a day with purified water, but noticed that the soil nutrient is all that much.

I would wait until the 3rd or 4th node. That should be fine to grow in at a young age. Possibly even later. Depends on lighting conditions.


You may want to do more research on that soil (I don’t know anything about it) to see if it’s going to be correct for cannabis. You have a fairly narrow range of soil traits that are necessary to put up good yield numbers.

There are any number of soil blends available that are specifically tailored for cannabis.

As to nutrients it’s going to go back to pot size and type of soil used. Normally I would not suggest any supplements until plant tells you. I’ve seen way more damage from excess nutes than deficient.


I’m still on the first node but she’s ready to do something. I’m not sure what changes will occur in the next few days. My first baby.