Just need some advice

Is this good to use on my plants


I need help with what to start my seedlings for eventual outdoor growing.

They are germinated and have their first leaves.

They won’t go outdoors until the end of.May.

What should I start the little ones in for the first 4-6.weeks indoors and then what should I use for soil in 5 gallon buckets?

They are Durban Poison btw.

Any advice would be awesome!


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No need for any nutrients at all while in seedling stage unless you are growing in coir which I think you indicated potting soil.

Fox Farms Ocean Forest is a common choice of potting soil.

Good luck!


Plenty of goodies in the soil. Use that stuff now on them lit’lin’s and there’s a good chance you won’t be put’in anything in buckets.


Fox Farm is what I used as well! Mine is growing better than I expected! In some concentrated California super soil u can start from seed to harvest in the concentrated super soil without adding nutrients


I just put these girls outside yesterday. And i came home today to this. Whats going on


:flushed::star_struck::heart_eyes::innocent::eyes: looks good wish I could grow mine outside and save the expense of electric bill

Looks like they weren’t hardened off and the sun bleached them….


Good morning and thanks for the info. I am in the Midwest and just starting out I have several acres so at odds with size of container (probably 20 fabric) I’m in 12 acres… is the soil mix you mentioned the best bet and most cost effective ?

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