Does the Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil need additional nutrients?

I am growing two White Widow plants in the veg state. The soil is Foxfarm Ocean Forest. Do I need to add (feed) more nutrients?

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That might depend how far along in Veg…
I’m using it for my first time ever but what I’ve learned is that many people do not use nutes at all during veg, so I would consider that and go from there. I may add some at the end, I’m going to watch the plants to decide - good luck

Yes - it is a perfect base soil - but to give great yields you need to use nutrients

Yes add and feed extra nutrients but make sure your plant is far along enough to be able to uptake the nutrients in the soil plus additives, if you plan on adding extra nutrients make sure she has atleast 10-12 leaf nodes or atleast 1-2 months in veg probably 1 month. Also give the plants about 2 weeks to adjust to the soil that way you know, the soil is flushing out any nutrients that were held in and any toxins in the diet can be flushed so when you feed the extra nutrients it doesn’t immidieatly shoot into an overdose

Thank you very much for all the answers.
They are 4 weeks old and look healthy to my eyes, but I was wondering whether they are somewhat slow in growth. That is why I thought I needed to add extra nutrients.

This is my first attempt at growing cannabis. I got feminized White Widow seeds from ILGM.
I would appreciate any further suggestions.
By the way, a few leaves got burned at the tips by a heater I placed too close. When the light was off, the basement where I grow them got a bit chilly. That is why I had a heater on.


They are good enough size to add extra nutrients just becareful!

Your grow looks great, do you have a journal?

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Oh yeah they ready for some steroids , start at .5ml to a half gallon or half strength and see how they respond and if they like it , which they will give them a full feeding the next feeding and keep going until you ready to switch them over to flower , but just be careful going into flower , don’t switch them from veg nutrients to flower nutrients to fast , it’s the most common mistake made by new beginners that just started they first grow . What want to do is continue your veg nutrients when you start your bloom nutrients for at least two weeks into flower , and than gradually remove the veg nutrients as you add the flower nutrients , hope that make sense , but they look amazing .


Sorry, I don’t.

Are you referring to any particular brand?

Flora grow works great extremely potent though, and fox farms trio works great though those are for flowering

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I know the flora grow you can use all the way from seedling to veg and even in the transition of flower, it’s good stuff I haven’t gone wrong with it, and havent used in seedling stage no need to

Thank you for the info.

You’re welcome

Good stuff to know