Nutrient issues?

Hello all.

Have the odd leaf look weird like the pics, any idea?

-What strain, Green Crack, Bluedream, Blueberry and Pineapple Express #2

-Age of plant 4th week of Flower

-Method: Organic Potting mix with perlite. Feed nutrients.

-Vessels: 19 L fabric pots

-PH and TDS of Water. p.H. 6.8

-PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution: ?

-Method used to measure PH and TDS: Prob/ Ec meter

-Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor 220cm x 120cm x 200cm

-Light system LED,400Watt X 2

-Actual wattage draw of lights 400W

-Current Light Schedule: 12:12

-Temps; Day, Night 23 C 24/7

-Humidity; Day, Night Set to 40 but hits 60 at times

-Ventilation system; Carbon filter

-Heater, De-humidifier,

-Co2; No

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Suspect nute burn, but hard to be definitive without a pic of the whole plant. Are you measuring runoff PPM and pH?

Brand and type, please?

What are you feeding, how much, and how often?

Is this the pH going in or runoff pH?


Are all the plants leafs like this? Or just lower ones?
Were the close to a light?

Looks like bleeching from to much light or lack of magnesium, more likey lack of magnesium.

Plant is very dark green lighten up a little bit on the nitrogen.

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Of the soil, having issue with my p.H. pen not calibrating correctly with the p.H. 4 solutions, so not checking solution or run off.

Could be light as there were close but no other plants are showing this, only seems to be mid range leaves but only the odd one. Cheers

More info here.

Can you take some pictures of the plant with grow lights off and flash on please.

Plant looks good from the other pictures but grow lights hide stuff