Plants looking ill

I’m not using any nutrients.Soil is 50/50 Happy Frog and Ocean Forest.One plant leaves are turning brown and crispy.The other is yellowing and curling at the tips.Ph is 6.5 and 6.7.Ppms is 2200 without nutrients.

@Thumper1 she is looking a little burnt there. On your ph, is 6.5 what your watering and your getting 6.7 in your runoff? Have some pictures of the overall plant? What are you using for lighting?

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Reading were runoff.For light I’m using two 600w hydro crunch in a 5x5

Like this light?
How’s your temperature? These kinda look like they are about to finish to me, how many weeks into flowering are you? I’m thinking you have a bit too much nitrogen there. How is the ph of the water going in?

Temps between 72 and 75.They started to flower at 32 days.They are 70 days old. When watering I keep the ph between 6.5 and 7.Never over 7 or below 6.Really fast starters

That’s the light