Nutrient Experiment

Hello Growers!

Figured I would start a thread for documenting my current experiment. Humboldt vs GH

My goal in this tent - is to find a nutrient lineup that best suits my needs, but is also cost and time efficient. Testing side-by-side in the same environment. Figure out Which nutrient lineup is better and if the end results are better than previous grows of compost and manures which is time consuming (for me).

Plants on the Left are going to be fed Humboldts Secret. Plants on the Right will get General hydroponics. Each gallon of water will get a teaspoon of recharge and 1ml of fish sh!t. All are grown in FF ocean Forrest, 10 gallon smart pots in a 4x4, subject to a manifold & HST. There is two weeks separating 2 of the 6 plants as seen in the pics.

What’s growing?
4x in-house genetics, 2x relentless genetics

Currently cooking under a mars hydro ts2000 until my ChilLed Growcraft x6 arrives (on its way). Also hoping the commercial LED gets me closer to my CLF/HPS yields.

The water from my tap is okay, but I am using and will continue to buy the 5 gallon blue refill jugs of “purified” water from my local big box store.

Worth noting
The full lineup of GH is many more bottles of nutrients (higher cost) and additives so mixing takes longer and the Humboldts gets me closer to 6.2PH.

Mixing Nutes
Humboldt and extras gets me to 6.6. Two drops of PH down puts me in the sweet zone. GH gets me 6.8 an extra drop gets me to where I want. Using 3 separate ph pens to validate 6.2. Blue labs, vivuson and an sx-620 ph testers used. Separate everything from measuring tools, empty gallons of water, ect to keep from any cross contamination. Even the meters and pens are cleaned prior to mixing the next set.

Will be added in roughly 2 weeks once the new light is hung and plants are acclimated to its intensity.

Tents fully automated and controllable from anywhere I have internet connection. light, fans, intake outtake, camera, temps, smart humidifier ect ect. Kill switch and schedules are being automated by a smart surge protector.

The nutrients - extra bottles were needed for GH To complete the advance feeding program

fully controllable Webcam in the tent view

2x Manifolds started 8/17 and the first feeding of nutes

Automation at a glance


what are you using for the automated system? I have a couple components I have at my fingertips (govee & wyze, lights are on a timer) but I am looking for something I can have control from my phone.

I use a smart surge protector and the “smartlife” app to control and set schedules. No timer of any type. It retains programming even after a power outage. Allows for full automation with schedules that can be controlled anywhere.

SwitchBot app (humidifier) for the humidifier and it’s plugged into a normal non smart port on the aforementioned smart surge protector.

The intake/outake ac infinity’s are also hooked into a smart outlet on the same surge protector, but my current schedule is always on.

Camera is hooked in the smart surge protector, but a standard port (always on).

Here is a look at my setup from the smart surge protector app

The govee hydrometer (x2) is set to send push notifications every 10 minutes and alarms set for temps exceeding 84 degree and under 68. Also set to sent me notifications of RH over 80 and under 50. When I’m home it’s real-time. Having these traps set in place and the smart surge protector I can turn stuff on and or off anywhere so I’m able to make adjustments when traveling or in the office.

Setup a kill switch as well in the event something terrible happens and I need to cut I need to turn it all off.

This is what I’m using. Only about 3 weeks so I don’t want to recommend it, but on amazon it’s highly recommended and so far it’s been great.

Smart Surge protector

Also use an always on Bluetooth speaker which I’ve read that plants in general respond well to classical music. Loads of data out there on this, but we’ll see


thats great! thank you! I also have music on in the tent for my girls.
I will have to get that surge protector, I tried one of the smart plugs but was very disappointed with it.


The plugs are meh… I’ve used them in the past and they tend to me trouble then they’re worth… the smart surge protector so far is great. Was really easy to get going. It only works with 2.4 ghz so keep that in mind and check your wireless. Since you mentioned you have govee products those only work on 2.4ghz so this should be no problem. Once it’s on the network at your home you can control it from any network whether it be LTE, your homes 5ghz or 2.4.

The sticky -
This unit only comes with 4 smart outlets, 4 non smart and 4 USB ports.


It’s been a few days since the first nutrient feed of both General Hydroponics (GH) and Humboldts secret (HS).

Initial results
The 3 plants receiving Humboldts are growing faster and are recovering faster from a recent topping.

PPMs fairly similar although worth mentioning that leaving these to sit 24 hours & testing the ph of both mixes prior to feeding showed the GH mixed nutrients raised from 6.2 to 7.0 while the HS raised from 6.2 to 6.3.

Front row HS, back row GH

Mixing of nutrients is a lot easier w/ HS (Fewer bottles) and less time consuming than GH and their many bottles in the “expert program”

So far with a less than ideal (for me) LED in place the plants on the outer edge are receiving less light, but things are going well. Temps and humidity are near where I want them both on and off

All of the plants are healthy and manifolds are starting to take shape w/ 3 of the 6 tied down (2x HS 1 GH). This weekend I’ll clean them up (wasted energy - low fan leaves) and start tying the others into position.

Once the plants have adjuster to the much stronger light I’ll begin a DIY co2 program and kick up the heat a little

Air stones (2x), air pump, buckets, setup to use either active dry yeast/sugar or Citric acid/Baking soda. I will be testing both methods to see which lasts longer. My xt-10 co2 meter test Indicated ppm hovers between 8-900 normally, but with the yeast and sugar I was able to fill the 4x4 with 1400+ ppm about an hour after reaction. Far to much for these plants to use under this light, but promising for a little ways down the road.

Bean order arrived (Pic - most were from a previous purchases) along with part 1 of 2 of my LED order. I now have the driver, rackets and accessories, but the LED itself has been delayed in transit (bummer)

Plan is to breed a few strains now that I’ll have plenty of LED’s, tents and space.

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There’s all different ways to experiment with organics in soil the GH is mineral and better suited for a hydroponics nutrient.

Plants in front are getting Humboldts. Plants in the back are getting GH flora series advanced program (drain to waste). Feed is mixed the day prior and currently only half the recommended doses. Still finding the mixed nutrients left to sit 24 hours that GH’s mixed raises pH from 6.2-6.3 to 7-7.1 while there is little change in Humboldts. Using more ph down on GH feed.

The plants getting the Humboldts are growing faster. The two middle are the same age and 14 days ahead of the 4 around it.

Manifolds in place. This grow I’m not aggressively tying down forcing plants in to T’s opting for Y’s as I have much more space now and other tents. All are progressing, this one (Pic) getting the Humboldts is nearing its final topping. 16 tops on this plant And at this rate of growth I’ll be able to top it again this week

It’s counter part (same genetics, soil, light, tent) has only 8 tops and will be a few more day’s before I can move it to 16 tops. Slowly removing the bottom fan leaves as the plant progresses.

Plants are getting about a gallon of water a week one feeding per week. Maintaining 80-82/on 70-72/off with acceptable rH of 65-70/on and 70-75/off.

Runoff is solid, well within acceptable ranges of ppm & ph and all nearly identical. The Humboldts run off is about 200 ppm less across all 3 plants and the GH about 200 higher ppm in all 3 plants.

So far only two weeks into feeding the Humboldt fed plants are outgrowing GH plants at a noticeable rate.

Boom new led installed


Nutrient experiment Update

Pretty uneventful. DIY co2 still pumping away.
Topping continues. As well as slow defoliation. Manifolds taking shape. Plants receiving the Humboldts secret are still outgrowing their counter parts getting General Hydroponics. Thicker stems and much larger fan leaves.

Humboldt plants have 32, 16 & 8 tops.
GH plants have 32, 8 & 4 tops.

Received a “thank you” card in the mail today. Absolute class. Must say the folks at chilled know how to do business. Highly recommend them over all other LEDs right now. Gave me an extra coupon code as well as the discount I requested for ILGM users or anyone who wanted to invest in better lighting, but unfortunately I was told that I can’t post that discount info (site rules).

Anyways, hope everyone is well on this humpday! Here are some pics of my chilled tent.

What’s up cultivators!

Been a while figured I’d share a little progress report and this Halloween video update

Still only about halfway through flower, but the Humboldts secret plants are outperforming the GH plants. Hope everyone’s been well.