Nutrient burn or something else?

What’s wrong with this plant? It’s an 8 week old autoflower. I thought it was nutrient burn so I’ve been giving only ph distilled water for the past 10 days but seeing no improvement. Forgot to measure ppm of runoff after last watering but will do that next time. I’ve never fed more than 200 ppm

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What nutrients have you been feeding? The leaves are very green for being that far into flower and the yellow tips do indicate nutrient burn. Seems like a lot of nitrogen.

Also what soil?

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Fox Farm Ocean soil. GH FloraNova Bloom and also calmag since I’m using distilled water. Comes out to 170-200 ppm. Was giving nutrients every other watering. Any suggestions on how to fix?

I don’t know anything about GH FloraNova Bloom
I will tag a couple folks that have more experience
@Covertgrower @Holmes @imSICKkid @Myfriendis410

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How about an overall shot of the plant?


Must still have alot in soil that’s a fair amount of burn for that low ppm

Strain: White Widow CBD Autoflower by ILGM
Method: Soil (Fox Farm Ocean)
Vessels: 3 gal fabric pots
PH: Last watering was 6.3. Runoff was 5.9
PPM: Last several waterings have been 0ppm. 10 days ago fed ppm 192
Light: Marshydro 1000. 14 inches above canopy
Temps: 72-74 day / 64-66 night
Humidity: 40-48
Ventilation system: Yes, 4 inch
Co2: No
Nutrients: GH FloraBloom, CaliMagic

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I have done several GH floranova grows… extremely concentrated synthetic… readily burns the hell out of plants good nutes to learn with because they show how fine of a line it is between burn and hungry with synthetics it has a fair amount of N also cal mag has nitrogen and the ocean forest nutes I bet has N and that’s recipe for dark green leaves at this point and u got a mild burn setting in it looks like because once it creeps half way up a leaf the browing comes to the tips quick u should be close to week 6 or 7 huh… cal mag should be X’d out by week 6 for the future


Oh I just saw you been giving RO for 10 days … she’s telling u she’s hungry bro she’s not done growing don’t rob her of her needs at this crucial time and since u been mini flushing don’t go back in with nutes at same lvl ease back on and be ready to if u haven’t reached week six to discontinue your calmag

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@Huganug on your PPM/TDS meter, when you see the readout is any part of the readout flashing? I am not sure about all but the ones I have you must X10 if it goes over 1000! Just a thought!

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Thanks, I’ll eliminate the calmag from here on out and ease back in to giving nutrients. I was scared to give her any more. Hopefully she snaps back.

Once its burnt its burnt and that’s NOTHING to be alarmed of that’s a term called " painting her nails " ur right at the sweet spot maybe a lil hot but when the tips are on the edge she’s happy 9xoutta10 she will go south and be brown if she got a bad burn…that’s no burn that’s pretty good actually

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No flashing that I’ve seen. The largest feeding was 1.5 ml of nutrients (bloom) per 1.5 gal of distilled water. I don’t think the ppm has ever gone over 200.

That’s good to know! Thanks!

It just seems that using a liquid nutrient line almost any at all would put it over those numbers, so I am not sure! Like stated she looks pretty good!

Thank you. This first grow is definitely a learning experience!

That is low if I remember floranova suggest heavy feeding is 5ml ( teaspoon) per gal I got over 5 into 6 but I fed and mini flushed every watering I used self 100 to break down the synthetics easier it a enzyme based flush product designed to bread down salts… so I thought outside of box and used as a dissolving aid and it worked beautifully kinda made the nutes less harsh and still worked fine
Floranova is used by NASA astronauts to grow veggies and stuff in space is what originally sold me on it … being a novice I though veggies in space!? That’s gotta be great stuff… good all round not the best marijuana nute imo I’m on to this now

all always happy no complaints here emerald harvest is good stuff …sry I’m stoned back to your issue if ur at 1.5 ml to 1.5gal that’s 1 to 1ml/gal so it in super light feeding how much cal mag and what ever else your using and have you transplanted or uppotted just before flower?

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Calmag was also 1 ml to 1 gal. Suggested dose is 1ml to 1liter. No transplanting. Started seeds in these pots.

If you learn how to supplement your plant based on the input TDS and the output both, it will help your flowering to do it’s job. Once you’ve run FFOF into flower with flushes and a hungry plant you are (almost) doing a media or soilless grow (like coco). PH stays in soil range although decaying roots will drive media PH down during flower: this is normal. The only difference IMO between your soil and coco is soil tends to buffer the nutes a bit which gives a bit of wiggle room. But in general it’s a good idea to feed to around 900 ppm and when runoff TDS gets above, say, 1,500 ppm, flush to below 1,000 and resume feeding. You won’t be able to hammer it daily like soilless but that doesn’t matter.

You essentially have to provide everything (or almost) for the plant once in flower. Unless you are in a 100 gallon pot lol.

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I agree feed at aggressive rateni always did I would try to get to max strength of bottle suggestions as quick as possible gradually raising it as to not burn them and condition them … might be hungry since u did ro for 10 days and were already feeding lightly … @Myfriendis410 is right unless u got a huge pot you were mostly riding on your soil for the majority of the grow now that its depleted you gotta take the wheel and raise nutes accordingly