Nutrient burn and continued feeding

Hey all. I need some help. New grower here. I am growing GDP. My plants are firmly in veg state and about 8 weeks old. When I transplanted seedlings to soil medium, I used Fox Farms Forest to Ocean soil. At that time I fed them too, which I now see is a mistake. One plant in particular, I don’t know if I can save. It is nute burned. The others look healthy but seem to be slow growing. They are about 10” tall. They smell heavenly. They have been in the soil for about a month and since the burn, I have not fed them. When should I start feeding again? Can the burned plant be saved? Also, when do I switch my lights to flowering? I have a veg setting, a flower setting, and also both flower and veg can be activated at the same time. Any advice?

If you are early enough into Veg and plan on waiting an extra 4-6 weeks before flipping to flower, transplant nute burned plant into a new pot of FF soil. Just need a few weeks for
it to re-root before going to bloom.

I wouldn’t bother with using Veg and Flower switches. Run them both from start to finish.
It’s a stupid gimmick for selling garbage LED’s. Plants benefit from ALL wave lengths of
light during the grow, only a 12 hour dark period will make them start flowering, not a red
light spectrum.

Thanks PhillyRock. I will transplant my burned plant today. Maybe I’ll even switch the lights to both red and white. See how that does. I think I am making all the rookie mistakes!