NTH-FP5 seeds ,what does this mean

I got my seeds from ILGM a few months back. At the time I didn’t read this forum, and didn’t really know what I was doing. Does anyone know if these are auto flowers? They are getting really big very fast and look like they may be forming buds. I just thought I was buying a strain call northern lights and didn’t know what auto flowers were
These plants are 2 months old

Here’s pics of 2 of them

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My apologies, I wrote it down wrong somehow here’s a pic of the bag

NTH = northern lights, FP5 = feminized photo 5pk

according to the bag they are regular feminized, not auto. I couldnt really see any buds formed yet in the pics. All the autos I have done have started budding by week 5 at the latest…

Thank you
I got 10 seeds that came in 2 packs, so it make sense to me. I thought I just got female seeds then after all the reading I’ve been doing I wasn’t sure what I had. Thanks for helping me out

Did you put them out too early, when the hours of daylight were to little and made plants start preflowering?

I put the seeds in pots 4x4x6 to sprout on 4-20 then had them in the window for a week and they were needing some help. So I made a light box with a 90W grow light. On 5-20 they were looking better, about 6” tall and a 6” canopy so I put them in the ground that day at one month old. This is today just a month later.