NPK variations?

OK , Indoor grow, LSD Fem . MH / HPS 1000w lights … Soil. organic 6.3 - 6.8 water 6.0 - 6.5 … I get all this … Now every thing I read on nutes range from 2-1-1 , 10-10-10 , 3-1-1 ??? No one has a standard for us newbies … Like , for the first what , week or 2 use half rations, of ?-?-? then change to ?-?-? after a month … etc … ??? What would be the best for us idiots who dont have a degree ???

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You don’t need a degree… you just gotta pick up a few basics.

I won’t make any recommendations here, because I am a super OCD nerd, and you likely won’t want to do what I am doing…

What the hell… I am using Jack’s 3/2/1… You can do it simple or complicated… you know which way I am doing it.

You can use Jack’s 3/2/1 from germination to harvest… seriously… same ratio ALL THE TIME. You simply manage the dilution… You’d need to have a pH/EC/TDS meter for this… and you should have one anyway.

Jack’s 5-12-26 - 3.6g/gal (Mix first till completely dissolved)
Jack’s 15-0-0 - 2.4 g/gal (add last, mix til completely dissolved)
MgSO4 (Epsom Salts) - 1.2 g/gal (add second, mix til completely dissolved)

This is the “full strength” Jack’s 3/2/1 - you will NOT be using it full strength all the time… probably not until flower.

Start at 200 ppm or less for seedlings, and then gradually increase ppm as plant can tolerate and/or needs it.

There are lots of folks who can give you rec’s on basic ppm levels by the week… the LAB course on this can give you a great idea as to the EC/TDS to use.

There is a LOT more you can do to customize, but this is the basic.

Jack’s 3/2/1 can be customized to address just about any nutritional demand changes…


There’s tons of how-to guides on this website, including a section on nutrients. Go to this link and scroll down to “Water and Nutrients”

I highly recommend reading all of the how-to guides that pertain to your grow. You should also download the grow bible. A popup for it should appear while you are browsing the website.


I don’t remember where to find the study, but I believe 3-1-4 was proven to be superior npk ratio for cannabis against other popular versions tested. I’m sure if you searched the web you would find it.


Listen to @TommyBahama, @bluethumb… The FIRST thing I did when I decided to grow was to go read EVERY article in the GROW GUIDES. And I mean every word.

I didn’t understand a lot of it the first time through, but every time you go through a topic, you’ll pick up something new.

I saw it in one of Greengenes Garden’s videos… He talks about one of the “gurus” of cannabis cultivation and that lots of things have been tried, and are still being tried, but that 3:1:4 turns up again and again as the best all-around ratio for a base plan…


Thank you all for the info , 3-1-4 , 3-1-2 … 5-0-0 , use it full strength , dont use it full strength… lol ,


can you link a 3:1:4 product? I was looking at the link for basic nutes.

I use liquid seaweed 0-0-1/ fish sh!t /molasses which is just 2 types liquid fertilizer and some suger for the soil.

Correct me if I’m dumb please…

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I ended up waiting and ordered the Fox Farm soil… I as well ordered the Fox Farm mixes … Kinda figured they would know whats compatible with their soils …