NPK Ratio in Bloom for Density

I’m new to Horticulture.

I looked up plant growth regulators with the intention of adding density to growing structures.

Somebody please school me; it appears that the addition of 2% Potassium per media substrate causes a thickening? for lack of a better word…?

I also see I high salinity effecting uptake.

Am I too stoned to take this info in?


I’ve found that the best way to increase structural strength is to add a silica product or seed sprout tea.


Can you expound on this.

I know zero of what you’re talking about. Silica comes in packets with my shoes and says DO NOT EAT.


It’s potassium silicate. So yes potassium and silicate. Fwiw I currently use same bottle in link.


Understood. Thank you both.

I’m in same boat and just used this today. Fingers crossed.