Noticing brown spots

First time grower since Jan, 2022. I’m starting to notice brown spots not sure as to why. Any ideas?

I’m not very good at diagnosing problems, but that kind of looks like pest damage. I would start be examining the under sides of the damaged leaves with a microscope. Just a suggestion.

Could you have possibly spilled some water on those leaves, I don’t really see any others with these spots??


Yes, some of the leaves I noticed were wet. Now when I water I use a funnel.

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It’s from water droplets, probably from being in that tub. You might want to consider proper plant trays, the thin clear plastic ones are super cheap. They’ll get some more air flowing to the roots as well.


Thank you, will do.

I agree with the others on water spillage.

A grower here posted this article before. Water spots on flat leaves do not cause scorch or burn.

But if it is a nutrient solution who knows? Or water with a too high or low pH? Those could potentially cause chemical burns.

The brown spots are no longer there. It was caused by nutrient water droplets.

@Johnyb073 Glad that is all it was. Were you just able to wash them off with water?

Went away on its own.

Thx! I’ll remember that.