Not sure what else to do

Hello everyone before I start here is what I have

Seed- super sunk Olga
Light- knock off hlg240
Soil- ffhf
Water was distilled intill last week mixed with half tap
The three big plants were planted on 10-12
The one is doing the best seeing some leave start to twist but the other two plants are looking bad leaves are browning I’m not sure help

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Do you have a PH meter or tds meter?
There are photo seeds? Or autos?

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Yes I do sorry I forgot that information
It’sa photo

Ph on water is 6.2
Ppm is 67

@Andy77 Are you adding calmag ? looks like this could be magnesium deficiency.

No I haven’t added anything

@Andy77 Yeah I’m thinking magnesium. You can get yourself a bottle of calmag and add to every watering.

Quick fix
Epsom salt mixed with water (1tsp per litre)

Add to spray bottle, spray leaves at lights out, don’t spray when lights are on your leaves will burn.

You can also add Epsom salt when watering at 1tbsp per gallon

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Thank you I’ll give it a shot see if I can get them to turn around

66 tds
Can you explain that?

What’s the tds of your tap water and what’s the tds of the run off when you water.

It could be a deficiency but your plants are so small i don’t know why that would happen unless the soils very weak or the PH is off.

Do a soil slurry sample test both tds and ph wise.

(google to learn how)

I’ve been using half distilled and half tap water and my tds meter says 67 ppm I haven’t checked my run off water as there’s really never any water from run off ?

I’ll be back in 20 mins with a slurry test

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Tag me plz

@ Nicky

Yes I will agree with @Nicky those plants are small Good catch Nicky :+1: let’s wait for the test

@Nicky @Dave101 slurry test is done

Ppm is 333
Ph is 6.9

Your PH for soil need to be 6.3-6.8 work towards 6.5

Your soils empty.

Pot up in new rich soil or get nutrients.

For example my nutrient feeds 650-1100 ppm but mines includes cal mag.
So follow the nutrient you buy

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My soil is fox farm happy frog and that soil was just use to transplant less then a week ago. Bad batch Maybe ? What should I do. How do I feed it’s my first grow

Do you have a nutrient line?

No and to be honest not sure where to start lol

Local hydro store =p
Get something budget friendly it all works.
For now flush with 6.5 ph water from your tap after its sat out for 24hr

Dont use distilled.
That drained your soil of nutrients

Makes sense since it had nothing in it thank so much and all the store for me are far more then and hour so Amazon it would have to be anything you can suggest

General hydroponics is cost effective and good results. You have PH up & down? If not get some

When you get more serious you can look into Jack’s 321