Not so blue, blueberries

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

On my blueberry grow I’m nearly 55 days and into budding stage is there a reason that my buds aren’t blue do I need to let them go a little bit longer?


sometimes they just don’t turn blue…
i have bought blueberry auto seeds from ilgm and thus far out of three plants only one turned blue.
when/if they change it is really pretty…
you may try lowering temps during dark period that may help. good luck!
the answer to your question is; check your tricombs for milky and amber trichs,
i like a mix of about 20% amber


@BIGE is on point sometimes they just dont turn color
But youll need to get grow room temps below 60 as well to get them to change i have three bb going right now i keep my grow room in the 65 degree range lights on lights off room is around 55
Waiting for mine to change color as well but if they dont ill still harvest when tricombes are in my 20% amber range i find this to be my fav
But we all like ours a little different all depending on how much couch lock we want :v:CB