Blueberry strain not changing colors why?

Blueberry strain not changing colors I have two that are in flower an show no signs of changing colors

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Strains that change colors are gone a respond to lower temp to do it … Usally around 60-65 ° farhenheit (around 15-18° celscius)

It really depend on where she is in the flowering stage, she’s unlikely to change colors on the first stage of it… More likely past half of it…

So, no panic to have, just be patient and try to lower temp, if possible and if she’s advance in flowering stage :wink:

Hoping that’s helping you @Jrocc ,

~Al :v: :innocent:


I agree with @Niala, color is usually more pronounced with lower temps. Although I would say depending on the pheno you may have to get down into the 50’s f for lights off temp. Some are more difficult than others to get that sexy bag appeal.


Thanks for the replies I just thought that that strain will produce the colors that they mention in the description without the temps being lowered but I am running them at 65° now

Good :+1: :ok_hand:, It only take a little bit of patience now :wink::innocent::v:

And like @dbrn32 say’s, it may have to go as low as the 50’s farhenheit to do it’s thing depend on the phenotype :wink::smiling_face:

I think @fromanoc have used some kind of dry ice system to achieved that with his BlueDream… He eventualy won the March BOM contest :grinning:.

However, if you’re not a laboratory technicien like he his (I think he his) or very handy and have work with this before, I am not recommanding to play with dry ice…

Here’s his topic, if you’re curious, @Jrocc , it’s a bit long but very informative …

And you’re welcome :innocent:


It’s entirely possible that both of your blueberry plants will get lots of color, no color, or one of each. The strain definitely has a lot to do with it, some show color very easily. Others not so much. But within each strain it’s entirely possible to several different phenotypes.

It’s much like having 3 kids… 2 could be tall, one short. The one of tall kids could have red hair, while the others have blonde.


It’s not easy to explain phenotype… Nice vulgarization @dbrn32, it’s easy to understand and go straight to the point… I’m out of likes, so, :heart::innocent::+1::ok_hand::grinning:

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Best way I know how haha!

There’s so much information on the web, but if we’re not careful to break down every little detail it can be misinterpreted easily. You’re on a breeder page looking at a beautiful frosty colored nug, and see that it yields between 500-700 grams per square meter. But the breeders don’t tell you that’s in the hands of a master grower, and how many seeds were popped to find that one that will be cloned like crazy. And buds from only those clones and in the hands of a master grower that will end up in dispenseries world wide.

For someone that’s new and doesn’t realize that, they will probably be very disappointed in their first grow. Maybe your first 10 grows. There’s so much that goes into the minor details! But hey, that’s why we’re all here.


How far into flowering are you @Jrocc

I just harvested two Blueberry Autos. One turned a purple-ish and the other one did not. They surely smell like blueberry though!

The one that turned did not turn until the last three or four weeks of flowering. I think it would be better to keep them at 75 so they will be at the temp they grow best in and then you can lower the temps towards the end so you don’t slow them down too much.


@Niala ison point with temps and the fact they don’t turn in early flower colors will come in around mid way or a little later keeps temps low tho for the flower period
But as @bob31 stated it shouldn’t matter if they don’t turn they should still smell and taste great :+1:


I was reading that somewhere so I took the temps back up to to 75° they are at week 6 of flower they are starting to smell really good

If I had to choose between nice fat buds at 75 or pretty one at more like 50 degrees I would stick with that fat ones! @Jrocc

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Do you live in a cold (<65F) climate or are running the A/C nice and low?

During the day I run the temps at 75° night I run the AC at 65°

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Hello @Jrocc,

Indeed, the community answered good regarding the reason why your blueberry is not going blue.
The change of colour often appears during the last flowering stages, where the plant is already formed and is just looking to get fat. So no worries, you still have time to see the magic !

Carefull with the use of cooling systems or dry ice systems, such as the Co2 burners, if not used correctly you’ll lose more than what you can win!