Blueberry Auto Flower

My first grow. It looks like I’m close to harvest. Do they really turn blue?

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mine never turned blue. Then again, never had temps below 70 - 75

Here’s the picture

Some do. I’ve never seen a live one.

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Welcome ! Nice plant you still got a few weeks to go. Blueberry one of my favorites never had one that turned blue. Lower temperatures will help you to get color if that’s what you’re shooting for.

Not really just wondering. I’m in a cool place and I had them in my shed where it went down to 25. The light was on and had styrofoam around them. Moved them inside a few weeks ago.

I grew 30 bb autos and not one turned. But. I now know not all will do it and most need the right cool temps in night. Warm in day and ph swings in flower. Occasionally there will just be one that does it. Go for cooler temps at night to bring out color and dense buds.


I was wondering how long to wait for harvest? I thought it was close.

Yeah you’re still several weeks out. None of mine have turned blue. And all of them have gone at least 16 weeks. Here was one that finally finished up. See how nearly all the white hairs have receded.


It’s at 13 weeks

Then you’re about right on track. Should be close in another 3 weeks.

i am thinking 16 weeks for blueberry auto, that is more like amnesia haze. I checked my records. Yep - 102 to 108 days. Well almost, basically 15 weeks. Add another 2 weeks for AH. That is why I write it down.
If it doesn’t turn blue, it still has the sweet smell going for it. My favorite auto grow.

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