Blueberry Auto... Ready for harvest? Close

Hello folks. I have a little blueberry auto. I know my final container is too small, so the plant is mall, but she has been doing great. The top big chunk of it appears to be one giant bud. I can see the trichomes on it, but it is hard for the uninitiated to figure out when to harvest. So, can I get some input?

I feel it is close, but who knows?

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Looking really healthy to me. Not sure what you’re feeding her but nice and green at this point is a good thing.
Now is the time to use one feeding of a ripener like GH Kool Bloom. This will push the last bit of flower along with oils and terpenes out. Then two to three weeks and you should be finishing.

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How many weeks has the plant been flowering?

Hello. sorry for the delay in the reply. This thing has been flowering for maybe a month, a little more. The plant has been very strange. t seems to me like it is growing in super slow motion.

The growth rate of a plant in flower will slow down after 4 weeks. Some autos will struggle to grow a whole lot. Yours looks to be one of them by appearance.

You have 4 to 6 weeks to go before harvest.

Thanks for the info. For sure my little plant is tiny , but it looks like a tough one. Super compact, nice and green, smells delightful. Any the whole top 1/2 appears to be one giant bud.


How big is the pot?

I got a couple of blueberry autos that just started to flower


Looking good