Northern Lights First Photo Grow

Keen to follow. Just joined forum so a bit late to the party.
Im started with 3 photos and will do Autos on 2nd grow thanks to all the help from here.

Welcome. I started with autos and now trying my hand at photos. I turned over 4 auto harvest since 8/19 so that is certainly a benefit of autos. I will be updating this journal soon.


Damn touch screens and big fingers on laptops - start over
The last update was 5/12 so time for another. Accomplished a couple of things this week. The 3 that were ready were transplanted to their final 5 gallon smart pots. Also, the same three were topped a second time. I created a separate topic and did a step-by-step post on topping if you care to check it out Northern Lights Second Topping Illustrated
The basics - here is my log from where we left off

I am trying to do a better job with PH (more about that later)
Here is my PH log. I PH the water based on how much I will be using that day / next days or so and what I will be watering. Currently have 1 Amnesia Haze, 1 White Widow, 5 Jack Herer auto seedlings and finally, the 5 Northern Lights. Yummmm…

I also checked runoff for future reference. Here are those readings.
I have some concern with the high 7.26 PH of the runoff. That leads me to the soil mix for the NL.
This is the soil mix I am using. On the bottom are two slurry test results. I need to rerun the slurry test now that I have some distilled water
PH on both test over 7. The one on 5/12 didn’t look right so I reran on 5/13. The PPM seams more reasonable given using primarily FFOF. 7.41 is to high for cannabis. thoughts, comments I shared these results with @Myfriendis410 and I was instructed to shoot for water PH around 6 to offset the high PH values.
I would like to add something that would effectively reduce the PH. without adding additional nitrogen. Garrigan’s soil recipes calls for adding powdered humic acid. Any one have experience adding this?
To be continued…pictures and rest of update

Three are ready to be transplanted

Cleaned up the bottom growth beforehand Growth (one week) after topping on 5/7
The set up to receive the transplants. The soil mix described in my previous post with a little starter mix around the pots. I also sprinkled in a little Great White mycorrhizae for good measure
Side note for gardeners. The cart is my 40 year old Garden Way cart that I just replaced the plywood, metal corners and new hardware. She is a beauty. Good to go another ?? years.
Transplanting complete. Roots were just starting to circle around the bottom and they came out intact. Good timing.
Watered them in with about a quart and put them in the tent. The little one is their sister (1 of 2) waiting to be transplanted
Next up - second topping


Looking good :+1: :v:

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Second Topping
This is part of my post to Northern Lights Second Topping Illustrated
The main stem of #2 was topped 5/7. All secondary stems (created from original topping) and all branches below the topped node were also topped. Thereby creating two future bud sites at each topped branch and stem. #2 has two branches below topped node. With this topping, #2 now has 12 future bud sites. (Plant #3 had 3 branches below the topped node and will therefore have 16 future bud sites.)

Below are the individual steps I took (before and pictures related to each step are so identified)

  1. Removed bottom most leaves.
  2. Removed 2 large fan leaves at topped node
  3. Removed both sets of leaves on secondary branches above topped node
  4. Topped secondary branches
  5. Removed fan leaves on secondary branches – 4 leaves
  6. Top first branches below topped node
  7. Top second branches below topped node
  8. Removed interior leaves
  9. Removed interior bud sites from second branches below topped node

These are overall plant before and after shots.

I also wanted to point out I did not top the first branch below the topped node because I did not feel there was enough stem growth to successfully top it. You know what that is called “FIM” Should be able to do it tomorrow.

All have recovered nicely from their non-elective surgery. I think there is even some new growth. Also wanted to point out this hair
Being new to photos is this a indication of preflower Its a GIRL?
Till next time
@Work4iT @BRFarming420 @Bulldognuts @kellydans @dbrn32


Just ran out of likes, everything looks good.

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Yes showing it’s sex. (female) looking good.

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@Chasfitter I have a question about bud washing please. I have a white widow auto that has some dust on it (had to grow outside of the tent) and would like to give it a bath to clean it up. Did you use 2 bucket (peroxide and rinse) method or 3 buckets where the first wash has baking soda and lemon juice (citric acid). How much peroxide, baking soda to add to a gallon? Thanks

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I used 2 buckets 1 with peroxide and the other clean water for rinse, some people use 2 buckets to rinse, good luck With harvest

thanks - appreciate the info

Also 1 cup peroxide to 5 gallon bucket :+1:

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Greetings. The last update was 5/18. Today is veg day 35 and total day 40.
Here is my grow log

Sorry about that. Issues with uploading (as some of you may have experienced) and I could not tell if it actually uploaded.
Follow up on soil slurry test. I reran it because I was concerned with the PH level being high. Redid it as I should with distilled water, what a difference a few ions of this or that makes. Anyway, all is good. PH came it at 6.89 and PPM of 2007.
All plants have been topped 2x and LST. This week did some maintenance trimming and adjusting LST in preparation of flipping to flower mode this week.
I am experimenting a little bit with ways to employ LST. You will see in the pictures I secured a wire ring around the perimeter to which I can affix longer branches. Also, I bent some heavy wire I had laying around (from our grape arbor) to use as staples. I highly recommend them. They are much easier to use initially and to adjust later.
Use of staples and ring FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFffn upload problems again. Anyone know how to correct this

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Apparently the mothership is having storage capacity issues. I guess the IBM model 5150 is finally being retired or is the newer XT model. I loved my XT and it was only 6K$

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You can pick up flower stage / scrog here if you have it set to Watching
Northern Lights Flower - 2nd Installment - SCROG - #48 by anon84397802

How’s it going my friend

I am doing great. So are the girls. Will try to post some new photos today at Northern Lights Flower - 2nd Installment - SCROG - #48 by anon84397802
One of our dogs just had major surgery to remove a couple mast cell tumors. Unfortunately one involved her intestine. She is home and on her way recovery.


Sorry to hear about your dog hope she recovers fast

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Holy crap yours are huge! I’m on day 21 with Northern Lights and mine are 4 inches tall.