My first Auto Grow journal

5/20/2020 Dropped 2- Blueberry 2- Amnesia haze 2- Northern lights into water last night to germinate, they did not sink to the bottom until this morning when I gave them a gentle tap. no tails yet

soil used for seedlings is An organic Seed starter made by Espoma. details in the pics.

I have my grow room temp at 77 and the lights I am using for my seedlings are just a cheap set for now until I can upgrade.

The LEOTER Grow Light has the following specifications:
40 Watts
-80 lamp chips in total,
36 red lights,
16 blue lights
28 yellow lights.
Red wavelength is 660nm,
blue wavelength is 460nm,
yellow wavelength is 380-860nm.

Ill update tomorrow morning

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I don’t ever judge a seed if it floats or not. I’ve had them sink but not sprout and vice versa.

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Seed Check!! 8:43am EST only one of the six currently in water are starting to show signs of a small tap root. we are just under 48 hours so we will see. Germination instructions say 24- 72 hours so we will see, nature knows best, first time germinating like this I’ve always used the paper towel and zip lock and window trick for any of my veggies and its works like a charm.

Welcome @retiredTHC to the forum, sounds like you bought the same Mix Pack I did, You are off to a great start sand the seeds will germinate. I’m batting a 100% germination rate on ILGM seeds so far in a glass of water. I had one die that had a “Bucket Helmet” see my previous posts for pictures of the NL and BB, AH are for the second grow.

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I didn’t see anything soaking so after the soak I switched to the paper towel method suggested by @beardless. Haven’t had a failure yet.


@Newbie2020 Ill start following your grow now, gives me something to look forward to as my seeds progress!! thank you. Whats “Bucket Helmet”

@SKORPION The same seeds that were soaking you put onto the paper towels and they dropped a tap root?

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Yep 1/4 inch in a day 1/2 inch in two days. The actual soak had me frustrated nothing happened.


That is when the seed pops through the soil and still has the seed shell attached. Doesn’t happen very often.


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It can be a pain , because after it sprouts the husk can dry out and harden like a helmet. It has to be removed it’s a delicate process with high chance of ruining the sprout.

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@SKORPION thanks for that, Ill give them the 72 ILGM suggests then if nothing Ill go back to my paper towel method.

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Ahh that makes sense, great name. lol thank you.

Looks like 5 out of the six have started to crack, I can see a small root peaking.

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5/23/2020- we are 72 hours in the germination phase and I can see a small white root starting to emerging from each of the 6 seeds. I will mention that I added a heating pad set to medium heat under the little cups. Not sure if this helps but it seemed to show progress. I will hopefully be dropping all six into their first solo cup homes Sunday/Monday. I will post pics when I do.

5/25/20 day 5 and not seeing much movement with the seeds, they have all cracked I can see white trying to emerge on most some have a little tail. I removed them from the water and placed them inside a wet paper towel, placed inside a zip-lock on top of a heating pad set to low. so we will see what if any progress tomorrow. At what point do I just drop them into the soil?

I usually put mine into solo cups with soil, when the tail is about 1/4" :v:

today was the day! All auto’s 2- amnesia Haze 2- Blueberry 2- Northern Lights have been potted in their first solo homes. For now I am only using 80watt led Spectrum lights. Wednesday I have a 1000w LED grow light arriving that will carry these ladies until they get their forever homes out side :slight_smile: here is my set up. For now we will watch and mist to keep the soil moist 2-3 times a day!! I’ll post when I see movement!!

Pots- solo cups
Soil - FFOF
Soil pH 7.0
Mist pH 6.2
Lights : 80watts Blue-460nm Red-660nm Full Spec- 380nm- 800nm

Being replaced Wednesday with

Giixer 1000w full spec grow light
Red- 620-660nm
Blue- 440-460nm
White- 300k-6500k

My current set up :

What an exciting few days, woke up to 1-AH 1-BB &1-NL seedling :seedling: starting to pop through the soil.

Made a few changes to the grow room have a seedling area that I can use until they out grow their solo homes and are ready for their forever homes.

Soil - FFOF 7.2 pH
Water- 6.0 pH in a spray bottle
Nutes- none soil is hot
Light- Jump start 4’ T5 high output fluorescent bulb with 12/18 hour timer (awesome set up for the short money)
Heat Mat- jump start (see photos)

Here we are 4 days after being placed in their solo homes. Great movement, all but two have broken through the soil

Here is My first Northern Lights peeking through

First Blueberry

First Amnesia Haze

@SKORPION @beardless
This little girl has her helmet stuck on, Will this drop off ? Die? or is there a way to save her?

Light- 18/6 T5 Fluorescent
H2O- 1-2 sprays from the mister till soil is moist.
Nutes- none
pH- H2o 6.0 Soil 7.0

Helmet usually drops off after a few days. The cotyledon leaves may be a little different but she will usually work it out. Blueberry was a straight forward grow for me. Amnesia Haze was a little more sensitive to PH and nutes. My PH was originally to high but they came around once I corrected it.
Unfortunately 5 NL autos seeds never germinated. But I have 5 NL photos going now.
Tried reading temp / RH couldn’t make out the location for the readings. Seedlings like / need RH 70 - 80%. look’n good