Normal for Day 17 GDP Pre-Flowering?

I have 4 Granddaddy purple autos in ffof all showing sex at day 17-18
Is this normal for this strain or did i some how stress them out?

I’m at day 24 now and they are looking and smelling not what i’m use to seeing at this age.

If it is allowed i can link my current grow guide on to show day 1-24 if that info is needed.

I don’t know if providing the website link is ok or not. If it isn’t, the problem in that of providing a live link. You can modify the address ( add spaces before after < . > ) so one can see what the address is without it being a live link…

I believe u are about within the flower time for an auto. Usually between 25 and 25 to 40 days from pop before flower starts.

Newbie here my OGKush autos shown here sprouted march 1st, today March 30. Do they on target, have been using FFOF, ONLY PH WATER SO FAR. thanks


That does seem a tad soon. Usually week 3-4. I know they’re autos but did you happen to change the lighting schedule?


You’ll get more of a response if you make you’re own thread. They are looking good and look to be whre they need to be at this age. Start to watch the lower leaves for yellowing. A sign you’ll need to add nutes.

Day 25 today ffof and ph water only myself minus my last watering with some cal/mag and half dose of big bloom

2 are growing fast and 2 are a tad slower. Trying lst for the 1st time so don’t judge me to hard lol

i like how you use your ph pen case to raise up your pot lol i did the same with my humidifier until i found something better

Since flower has started then should i lower my lights from 27-29 inches to a bit lower or let them grow tall into it?

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Check your light’s manual. Should be in there. Most lights have different recommendations.

Watch the spacing after a day or 2. If they stretch far lower. Keep like 1 inch between nodes to keep buds tight to form together. Dont let it stretch alot or ull have big gaps between.

They have been 18/6 until today now 20/4. the only thing that maybe could of done that is the tower fan with its red leds on it showing the temp, i will tape that up now that I’m thinking about it. surely that is not it but i won’t rule it out.

My lights x2: Amazon link

I have maintained 30" since i got out of seed stage
as for lights manual, it says 18-22" for flowering (which i thought i was) i lowered my lights to 22"-24 and 4 hours later my plants told me they didn’t like it so i raised it to 24-26" and we shall see what happens

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This is how they looked when i woke up so I’m guessing the light distance was OK

They look good!

thank you, here is day 41


They flowered a little early but nicely. What seed bank?

They are ILGM’s GDP autos

Fine looking s/u, n the plants look outstanding. :alien: