Auto just by looking?

Figured this might be the better place to file this one. Currently have some GDP Fem going and compared to every other grow pic I’ve seen out there what I have going seems to be a bit different. These are supposed to be fems but to my untrained eye they look more like autos with the way they’re growing. Got 5 seeds, 5 popped Aug 28th and the pic shows where they are today a little more than a month since pop. Having never grown autos before I can’t tell but the 5 that popped here seem to be waaaaayy indica leaning. These girls all have super fat fan leaves and they’re growing super tight node spacing.

I see on the site they’re supposed to time out in 10 to 14 weeks if they’re auto. From all the grow pics I’ve managed to find these seem far more indica leaning, at this stage my fan leaves don’t have nearly the same appearance as most other fems of this strain around here.

Just wondering if anyone can tell at this stage if they’re auto or not and if anyone has words of experience with the ILGM version and pheno variations. I have more pics but this one shows the gist of it with the super compact pattern.

Also may help here, seeds germed with a little kelp/fulvic and dropped into azos and xtreme mycos in the soil hole. Been doing nothing but megacrop 1 part on these so far.



Indica plants are bushy like that and the only way u can tell if its a auto is if it flowers early like three weeks or four weeks


But nice and healthy looks great

What is light schedule?
And do you see any pre-flowers (sex) yet?

At this many weeks in. An auto will “most” all ways be showing sex load and clear, heck even full flowers starting by now.


Thanks Tezza2! Actually this grow with MC and the bacteria etc. these things are rocking explosive growth. And I’m able to actually get the light up without damage this time compared to the GG. These are vegging at 60% with the SF4000, anticipating I can up that a bit when they get a bit larger.

So they’ve been popped for 6 weeks now, if they were auto I’d see at least the sex starting now?

Other than that worry they’re awesome at the moment. Actually the first leaves showed a little of what looked like potassium deficiency. That was prior to the first feed. Since then using standard feed rate they all look perfect. The couple bad leaves are already gone :slight_smile:

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Yep, like said above by happy, they would probably show sex by now. I have 2 Northern Lights and 3 Gorilla that came out of dirt August 28th and they’re clearing show sex with many nodes showing pistols. If it doesn’t show in a week, I’d say they’re photos

These pictures are from the 7th I think

I also have the sf4000


Mine going now are different strains then yours.
I got 3 gorilla glue, 3 girl scout cookie extreme, 1 Bruce Banner going (ILGM mix pack).
2 planted 9-7 and the others 9-11.
All of them had pre-flowers in a mater of a few weeks old, as if today a few are out right flowering…

It’s my first time growing autos so it seems really weird to me still. But if you are use to photos I believe you would have no doubt if it was an auto by now.

Here’s mine that are young then yours for reference.


All my autos grew quick. I think they all were in flower at 6 weeks. Chances are it’s what was billed.

Plant looks nice. Happy growing.


Hey bonger! My first grow was GG4 FEM from ILGM. One of the things I noticed from the fem version with the phenos I had were they didn’t want to see much more than 50% max with this light. I thought the same was going to happen with the GDP but they appear to handle more light, closer to the bottom of the mfg spec of 60% at this point.

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There definitely seems to be an issue. Alot say it’s probably not lights but idk. I may have trimmed some fan leaves too close to transition… idk

So far this is my 3rd auto grow. Gorilla glue, girl scout cookies and Northern lights and seem to always have problems at transition :upside_down_face: :man_shrugging:

Thanks for letting me know your experience. Im at 60% right now. Maybe I should reduce to 50% but im a afraid of too much stretch also :sweat_smile:


I have had Photoperiod plants flower in 4 weeks. I’ve also had them flower after 6 weeks. This also goes for Autos that I have grown.

Your plant is definitely leaning Indica. I have grow many Sativa dominant plants and they rarely have the thin leaves.

If it isn’t at least 90% Indica or Sativas, they can lean to either side from my experiences and I grow a lot of Sativas.

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You can make photos flower whenever you want

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I know as I have grown for 3 years. But thanks for telling me. :joy::joy::joy:

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I knew you knew… :sweat_smile: I was just confused about the comparison :laughing: :rofl: But it’s all good.

You’re awesome!! I’m often confused :confused:

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Its all good. No worries. You should see this 99% Indica I am growing. I will tag you. Just scroll up a little bit. I will get an updated photo tonight. She is frosty and heavy. :+1:

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nice!! Thanks

I have a journal also on this grow, though it could be going better :rofl:

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