Normal fade? Or take action?

Hey guys, so I was away for work for 3 days and when I came back a few of my leafs have some brown splotching like a potassium and cal deficiency… ( I think) not sure coz I’m a newbie lol
It’s day 48 of flower and the trichs are all cloudy but not amber at all yet, in this case the trichs are purple I did see a few with purple starting to creep up the base…
I’m just curious if this a normal fade or should I try and give them some food? Thank you in advance growmies

I’m basically feeding them compost teas once a week with RO water/calmag in between, I top dressed week 3 of flower and in general have kept them on the hungry side vs over fed

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You only have a couple of weeks to go and it’s normal for them to fade at this point, so I’m sure that it is some of what you see going on. They do look hungry. Do your compost teas have a good bit of nitrogen in them?

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Every other week I add some pure protein
And I’ve been giving them a little biobizz
The whole flower lineup at half strength when they seem to need it

The tea I use is boogie brew and if it’s just the tea it’s around 400 tds before I cal mag not sure how much nitrogen in there

Guess I should of mentioned I’m in living soil…

Also I had my light a notch to high for maybe a week had a little light stress a few weeks ago

Interesting. I’ve heard about Biobizz a few times but know nothing about it. Is Biobizz organic?

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Yup, Im all organic

Here’s my other girl the same strain

Same fading but without the splotching


Ive used it what i used was liquid and it wasn’t organic. I’ve not looked at new brands of it though but what i used was good stuff and like @MidwestGuy saying there few growers on here use it now

@GrownInMN Them plants look great i wouldn’t worry about it just keep doing what you doing my friend happy growing

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Nice, that’s what my gut was telling me…
Better to be safe than sorry, this forum is amazing and an awesome community might as well take advantage of the wealth of knowledge on here

Thanks for the replies :muscle:


Your welcome my friend. everyone on here are good people and growers. your going to love it on here happy growing

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Looks a bit better. Some plants can be more twitchy than others.


Definitely, I’ve noticed from using RO water they all like different levels of cal/mag but being in autopots makes it difficult lol

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