Noon here, are these girls?

Are these girls? First timer here.

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Looks female

Picts are from 2 different plants. Flipped them 8/18/18.

All the pics are of female plants, so you’re good to go.

Hot damn! Thanks for the comformation. Happy happy joy joy. Should be a good Thanksgiving around here.


Yes they are

They look like fine young ladies to me. How many weeks?

They poked their heads out of the dirt on June 19th. 10 days ago on the flip.

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Here is a full pict.


Get ready for some good smoke

Thanks all for your input.

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No problem :ok_hand:

sexy girls you have :blush:

I don’t have any experience to compare but they seem healthy and good thick stems and Bushey. Haven’t done much to them as this grow will be a benchmark for future grows and when I try new things I will have a benchmark to compare with to measure any improvements.

Pics show female. By now, the thin white hairs(pistils) are more obvious. The first to show will be on the main stem where a branch joins. Take a bright flashlight and hold it sideways to the female seed pod…the pistils are easier to see that way. IF your Ladies are not auto’s would be a good idea to transplant into 5 gallon buckets. If auto’s would do better in at least 3 gallon.

They didn’t show any hairs yesterday but this morning there were 4/5 now (mid afternoon ) 1/2 dozen more popping up on both plants.

Nice job. N yes. Lovely young ladies you have growing there. Good luck with the rest of ur grow. And Welcome to the family if you’re new here

Thanks for the welcome. Have been “lurking” and reading, learning a lot and desided to see of I could grow my own. So far so good.

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Are these “flower looking things” going to be bud sites also? They have poped up everywhere 20180829_115118|281x500

Yes, those will be bud sights.