Noob brain absorbtion

First time caller. Long time listener.
Took the plunge and set myself up with a 4x4 ac infinity system.
Auto grow
5 gal fab pots. Sohum soil with a red solo cups worth of seed starter in the center. Planted 2 seeds each of 3 strains directly into soil because that seemed the most natural.
but I already regret it. I see the desire for wanting to witness the germination stage.
I feel my soil was not wet enough initially but can’t be certain. I have tent set about 80 degrees and 70-80% humidity. Clear domes over the seed area.
I’m sure it’s just nerves waiting for these girls to pop but being my first time I know I could do something different!?!
Thanks for letting me in folks


Welcome to the forum mate! No need to worry it took me 6 days from popping my seeds in the water till the first day they popped up out of the medium. What strains ya growing?


Well don’t beat me with your broom cuz they aren’t from here. I wasn’t aware at the time of purchase.
Gorilla punch. Moby dick and purple punch


I know certain forums won’t help you if you aren’t using their stuff. I haven’t seen that here yet🤞


I’ve never heard of others on this site being bashed for not growing ILGM strains. I started with ILGM seeds and now im trying other breeders. This forum is a place for growers to share and expand upon their knowledge so im pretty glad they arent like that! Whats the breeders for your seeds? Ive recently got some seeds from humboldts, sweet seeds, and brain dead seeds


Welcome @Mr67

Yeah that is pretty cool. Maybe next time.

It kinda is and several growers here do that with great results but the anticipation waiting for them to emerge is gonna be rough.

Hell, right now my plants are all seeds from a friend’s hermied plant from a different seed bank. :laughing:

The only thing here is you cannot post a link to possible competitors.

Exactly. :+1:


Or talk shit, religion or politics :metal:
Youll get told…“walk on home boy” :green_heart::green_heart:

Super friendly clubhouse here…

Ya got any pics?? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Don’t forget “F” bombs and other excessively crude language are discouraged as well.



Yeah I’ve had my hand slapped a couple of times. Tryin to mind my manners :metal:


Yea I don’t have time for that garbage. This is my “me” time😃. This place is awesome! Love it.


Moby dick and purple Punch are from nuke heads.
Gorilla punch from fast buds via North Atlantic seed company.


Thanks guys you really make a guy feel welcome!


Ive been there myself lol. Trying to post a helpful link then realize its a competitors site because i was stoned and posted it when i stumbled upon it. Ever since then i try not to do a lot of links besides amazon

I also got all my recent seeds from NASC. Got a freebie too wasnt use to that and it was a strain i was really wanting to try


NASC is sick. Such fast shipping.


@Mr67 welcome. You’re at the right place with a bunch of great people.
Ive had great luck with just 24hrs in water and then straight into the dirt regardless if they’ve germinated or not. Before dropping them into soil I water until just a little runoff. I use solo cups. Usually takes 3oz. Then just wait. 4-6 days they are usually up. If theres any issue, its usually because root got wrapped around a log or it didnt germ. Once up Im not using domes. A lot of people do, as I have in the past, but not until its sprouted. Be careful not to over water in those big pots. Also, no need for air circulation until your sprouts are 4-5 days old. Your temp and rh are good. Let us know how you make out. Good luck


Welcome to the community brother. Great growers here ready to help out anytime you need help.


I also just noticed your probe is up high. Your temp and rh will be different down at the pots level. What are you using for lights?



This is a great bunch who know stuff. You will love your new addictive hobby.


Um, @beachglass everyone knows cannabis isn’t additive :innocent:


Welcome and good luck.
You can use the search function to find other growers using SoHum living soil. I am on the other end of the spectrum using coco and Jack’s so no help with this soil. Other than I often see it needs a little help during flower.
I would also elevate the pots. 100% of fabric pots surface needs to be exposed to the air for air pruning to occur.