No "white hairs" AK47 Autoflower

I am 34/24 days into an AK47 grow. It is 34 / 24 because 3 of 5 seeds did not germinate and I replaced those with other AK47 seeds. Of the 2 original, one is a monster, one a dud. The dud original shows no white hairs nor do the 3 replacements. I don’t see pollen pods on the plants with no hairs but I am still concerned. This is an indoor growbox environment. The “monster” plant could probably fill the entire box grow area so I am considering pulling out the dud and 3 replacements but I am not sure. Opinions?

Are they auto flowering ? I have AK47 autos and they started flowering at about 7 weeks old.

Yes, they are. I’m worried that they may be males but I don’t see any evidence. -Mike

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Here is what to watch for

@itsjust_me if you could throw up some photos that would be awesome so we can help diagnose what’s going on brother or sister

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It could very well be genetic’s playing a role here. I have 7 strains 14 plants all auto flowering plants. some are in full bloom and some don’t have any hair’s at all. No need to worry. C0me see my grow @

P>S I’ll add you to my list so you can follow along and get the lastest up date


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How’s everything going @garrigan62

Great brother Hogmaster and you

Terrific my chronic widow just finished

I believe I had 4 of 5 plants, autoflower AK 47, that were males. I wasn’t a 100% certain but that uncertainty was enough for me to not risk what I consider to be a real monster - a certain female. I may have caused it by putting the plants under stress by running my lights 24/7. In one regard doing so has yielded a plant that is filling all available space at around 37 days. I’m trying to control it via a SCROG LST and so far that is working well.