AK Auto No signs of flowers at 56 days from sprout

I do not know what to do with this plant, I am afraid to switch to 12/12 due to other plants in same room. I chose autos to be able to grow multiples w/o having separate rooms? what should I do with this plant?

I don’t have much experience with auto-flower strains, and none with the ak-47 auto, but I’d imagine it will be a long term grow compared to some autos. From what I gather doing a quick web search on ak-47 autos, that it is more of a 70-80 days from seed to finish. We are updating our website and I think we only show the expected flowering time of 56 days. This might be carried over from the regular photo period strain’s 12/12 flowering schedule and might not be accurate right now for the autoflower strain. Give it another 20-30 days, I’m sure it’ll likely be finishing up by then.

I agree; In fact; Due to the fact that AK47 is a hybrid; You could have a more Sativa dominant Pheno in that particular plant. Even an auto will have traits that are Pheno specific.

Thank you, I will do that. I am also having a white fly problem, what would you suggest for that? I have been using a dust buster to vacuum them off of the leaves but they keep coming back. Could this also be the reason that the plant is taking longer?

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Insecticidal soap from any garden center will do for immediate eradication of live flies, but that will not stop the eggs from hatching another generation. I sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade COdEX on my plants, and medium to eradicate all the hatchlings as they evolve. you apply DE with a garden duster.