No clue what's going on?

So it seems, that the king banner decided on growing some more. So the plant has been flowering for 6 weeks now

, but out of the blue it started showing new growth this week. Is that OK? or should I be concerned?

Concerned, what’s the light schedule? I’d give it 12/12 even if it’s an auto

Nothing has changed, it is on a 12/12 schedule. Only 1 plant out of 4 is doing it.

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It’s getting light from somewhere, fix it!

Controls/ outlets / light strip / monitors / fans / a leak? I dunno wtf it is but it’s going to be an issue

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New calyxes forming in late flower isn’t all that uncommon. If it significant it is called foxtailing. It usually happens when plants have abundant lighting.

It’s not a bad thing. I had some on my last harvest. I just cut them off since the trichs on them won’t be properly matured.

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What about the round new vegetative growth? @MidwestGuy

You are refering to the 5-8 top nodes above the fatter bud?
That doesn’t look like foxtailing to me…:face_with_monocle:
Would have guessed light issues too… But only the one plant🤔

Sincerely NoClue

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Oh, I missed that. Yeah, that’s kind of wierd at 6 weeks flowering. I missed the point of your first response calling out re-veg? It would make sense.

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How bout that now explain to him he needs to fix his light issue :wink:

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I tend to call out any new calyx growth later in flower as “foxtailing.”

Fair point🤗

Most likely the light is being leaked on a seam or zipper closest to that area causing only that plant to show issues

Easiest fix, get inside with lights off and find leak on inside

Most likely or something more sinister is going on😎

Appears revegged with those single leaves check for light leaks or make sure your timer is still set right

Hopefully it’s just light beed. I’ll put the shades down in the room before lights out in tent to fix that problem.