No clue what to do or why this is happening to a few plants

*plants were doing great ran into a electrical issue for a few weeks which I had to switch jthe ientire grow over to generators I was able to power 2 hlg QB 260v2 and a 320v2 for lighting only thing I coiuldnt cv run was my 1000w hps lamp. Room temp at 70F rh bud when noticed was 60rh (yes high) I’m running the plants in DWC. Air stones bubbling with decently. I’m using Floraflex b1, b2 nutes with R/O water and calmag,vitamino and orca. Ph is checked and adjusted dailly to 5.8. Water changes with new nutes done weekly

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Not good looks like they dried out?
How’s your roots looking?

Ps I’ve read published studies and great white is better than orca for future reference.
Also voodoo juice is the best per study’s.