Not sure what’s going on here

Not sure what exactly is going on here, I flushed these girls out and gave them a low amount of nutes and am gonna let them air out pretty good. I thought it was a potassium deficiency, but now I don’t really know. Was gonna give them epsom salt or cal mag when I water again. Any thoughts?


Could be a few things, without a support ticket of more information, they dont look too bad, too much water, looks like nitrogen issues. Newer growth looks better, whats your ph?

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These things have had a rough start this was even June 16th. They were stuck like this for like 2 weeks. So they have come a long way, but the striped leafs we starting to concern me. They have pretty good growth still, but it just looks so different in color through each plant


I am using lotus nutrients, haven’t used any cal mag yet though. Only their grow nutrient mix, but only at the end of the flush because I figured I washed out nutrients. Been watering at 6.0-6.4Ph. the soil I am using is terracraft, it’s my first time using it. I haven’t done a lot of research into it, just got recommended it instead of ocean forest, so I am giving it a try

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What’s the issue Growmie, a little early in the grow stage for a potassium deficiency. Plants look healthy from the pics :love_you_gesture:


With the Terra craft , At 6.0 Your ph is a bit low for soil.
6.2 - 6.8 is better.
And it feeds for a few weeks like the fox farms so easy on the nutes till the ppm’s drop below 1000.

You might want to have a look for bugs too where they’re outdoors.
Seeing some spots when I zoom in that are concerning.
Last pic in particular.

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i think I’m just overly cautious sometimes, I saw those lined/spotted leafs and kinda freaked out

Okay I will aim a little more up for Ph levels then, I normally do shoot a little closer to 6.4 when I do water. But sometimes it has been at 6.0. But I won’t that happen anymore. And yes I had a really bad spider mite issue, I’ve been using DE, and Captain jacks dead bug from those last pics I posted and checking them pretty frequently. I did start these girls outside, because all my other autos I had indoor were cheap seeds and ended up flowering after about 2 weeks so I did a swap and moved them back in and put the suits outside. Not ideal I know, but this grow has been a mess, just hoping. For the best in the end :pray:t2:

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After dried out a bit, I gave them some epsom salt, then decided it’s time for a transplant. It’s been a couple days since the transplant, but I think they’re looking decent. Hoping the small one will take off a bit here